Master Data Governance For Material (MDG M)


SAP MDG M : Materials domain is often regarded as the most challenging master data domains with the greatest number of users, views and data elements. Corporate data in this domain is either externally sourced or internally created or derived from a combination of external sourcing and internal creation.

Hence, a process discipline needs to be in place to support sequencing, data standards to support data integrity and business rules for business process integrity. SAP Master Data Governance for Material data steps in to establish this process discipline and prevent business interruptions and financial losses due to incorrect or missing material data.

Factors That Establish A Need For SAP MDG M

Seamless Business Operations

In the case of businesses that depend on a material domain for daily productivity and profitability, SAP Master Data Governance For Material ensures timely availability of correct, up-to-date data which is crucial for business operations. 

Compliance Validation

Industries are regulated by various government agencies such as FDA, DoD etc. When Industries meet the standards set by these agencies, their products posing a health hazard or data security threat or other risks are significantly reduced. SAP Master Data Governance for Material Data ensures that all materials are properly categorized and meet the requisite compliance. 

Proper governance ensuring master and transaction data records are properly created and maintained will allow businesses to validate compliance and avoid liability.


Errors and inconsistencies in material data can lead to inaccurate reporting. This in turn, affects decision-making, strategic planning and financial output of the business. SAP MDG M provides data governance in the refinement of roles, processes and policies for good business practices.

SAP MDG M For Better Governance Of Material Master Data

MDG M brings in an enhanced user interface, support for classical workflow template, change management for classification data, support for long material numbers, a hugely improved data model, UI building blocks and enterprise services and mdm solutions.

Master Data Governance For Material as a one step material maintenance UI leads to increased response times.

Features of SAP Master Data Governance For Material Data (MDG 7.0)

  • An enhanced search results list.
  • Multiple records processing of materials can be done at the same time
  • Navigation to support multiple records processing scenarios.
  • Data model enhancements
  • DMS Integration
  • Support for business context viewer content
  • Enhanced print forms
  • A new UI to enable searching with search providers like SAP HANA search

Enhanced Features With SAP MDG M 8.0

 1. Enhancements to the data model and UIs for

  • Product version
  • Quality inspection setup
  • MRP areas
  • Material ledger

2. New help pop-up for product hierarchy

3. Enhancements to multi-record processing

  • Ability to change language dependent texts
  • Ability to use form UIBBs
  • Extended UI configurations
  • Add, copy, remove and discard materials features
  • Ability to copy multiple materials from the search UI to an application
  • based on multiple record processing.

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