ServiceNow Cloud Developer

Department: Delivery
Project Location(s): Any Location

Experience: Minimum 4 years of experience in ServiceNow development, configuration, and administration.

Qualification: B Tech Information Technology or Computer science or any other relevant degree with distinction. 


  • Client-Side and Server Side Scripting (Ex. Catalog Client Script, Business Rules, Script Actions, Script Includes, etc )
  • Client & Server API’s (Ex: GlideDialogWindow,GlideForm (g_form),   GlideAggregate, GlideRecord   etc)
  • Administration (includes Reporting, Email Notifications, Creating/Editing Home pages, Personalizing Forms, etc)
  • HTML/CSS/AJAX knowledge
  • UI Pages & Jelly (More than 200 pages user Jelly)
  • ACL and debugging
  • Knowledge of ITIL framework and a good understanding of (Asset/Configuration/Incident/Problem Management, Product Catalog, etc)
  • Transformation MAP, Scheduler, Connection with other databases/instance, WebService
  • MID Server setup and Update set migration
  • CMS 
  • ITSM, ITOM, Service Catalogue Management, CDM 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Develop, design, and own technical solutions on the ServiceNow platform. 
  2. Provide administration, application development, maintenance, and technical support by leveraging web programming best practices and techniques to configure robust solutions to the client utilizing the Service Now platform. 
  3. Carefully plan, execute, monitor, control, and close all technical tasks related to configuration and implementation of all aspects of the ServiceNow platform. 
  4. Provide software coding and customization including, but not limited to: screen tailoring, workflow administration, report setup, data imports, integration, scripting, third party software integrations, and custom application development 
  5. Update and maintain a comprehensive testing protocol for ServiceNow instance upgrades with the purpose of certifying all applications for use after the completion of upgrades.
  6. Coordinate and solve complex technical data and transformation issues. 
  7. Obtain, analyze, and interpret all business requirements to create sustainable solutions in ServiceNow.
  8. Respond to technical and application configuration queries.
  9. Develop, maintain, and execute reports to ensure system operation meets performance targets.
  10. Create and maintain system design and operations documentation.

Other prerequisites:

  1. Effectively manage multiple projects concurrently while maintaining a high level of attention to detail on each project.
  2. Must be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  3. Must possess strong problem analysis skills to include the use of mathematical concepts to validate results.
  4.  Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, disseminate, and present significant amounts of information with an attention to detail and accuracy.

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