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Automating SAP and Web Application Testing for Enhanced Efficiency – A TOSCA Implementation


In response to the dynamic challenges of testing SAP and web applications, our Fortune 500 client aimed to revolutionize testing methodologies. LMTEQ’s team undertook the task of implementing TOSCA Automation, a solution tailored for intricate scripting, dynamic web elements, and compatibility challenges. This case study explores the transformative journey that resulted in enhanced testing efficiency and software reliability for our client.

The Objective

The primary objective was to enhance testing efficiency through the automation of SAP and web applications, ensuring robust testing, accelerated processes, and improved reporting. The focus was on simplifying manual tasks during the upgrade process, ensuring comprehensive coverage, and increasing overall testing efficiency.

Challenges and Pain Points

While integrating TOSCA Automation, our team faced various technical challenges inherent to the testing environment of SAP and web applications

Intricate Scripting Requirements for SAP

SAP, with its intricate processes and diverse functionalities, demanded meticulous scripting, leading to increased complexity and potential script maintenance challenges.

Dynamic Nature of Web Elements

Web applications, characterized by dynamic elements and structures, posed a challenge in maintaining consistency and reliability in test scripts.

Compatibility Issues and Synchronization with SAP Versions

The perpetual evolution of SAP versions presented compatibility issues, requiring seamless synchronization to ensure the continued efficacy of automated tests.

Continuous Updates and Changes in Web Application Structures

Frequent updates and structural changes in web applications posed challenges in maintaining the stability and reliability of automated tests.

Overcoming the Challenges

The technical team adeptly addressed challenges during the integration of TOSCA Automation into the GPS Costpoint project through strategic measures.

Robust Scripting Practices for SAP

Developed modular, reusable scripts with parameterization and exception handling, leveraging TOSCA’s SAP-specific actions for precision and reliability.

Adapting to Dynamic Web Elements through Dynamic Identifiers

Employed dynamic identifiers like XPath and CSS selectors for flexibility, facilitating dynamic interaction with web elements and ensuring stability amid structural changes.

Staying Vigilant on Compatibility Updates

Established a continuous integration pipeline for automatic compatibility testing, concurrently implementing version control in TOSCA to efficiently track and manage SAP updates.

Regularly Updating Test Scripts and Resilient Test Design

Adopted a proactive strategy for script updates and resilient test design, implementing modular, data-driven design for easy maintenance and scalability. Parameterization and conditional execution effectively handled complex scenarios.


Our team’s TOSCA  implementation resulted in comprehensive test reports providing detailed execution results, identified issues, and overall system health for SAP and web applications. These reports contributed to informed decision-making by assessing functionality, performance, and reliability. The report showcases a 30% reduction in testing time, a 20% increase in test coverage, and a 15% improvement in overall software quality.


The successful integration of TOSCA Automation with the client’s GPS Costpoint project demonstrates the effectiveness of automated testing in addressing complex challenges associated with SAP and web applications. The team not only achieved the set objectives of enhancing testing efficiency but also provided valuable insights for decision-making in complex enterprise environments. 

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