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The Challenge

Invoicing is the foundation for any financial transaction. It involves precision and strict timelines. Our client had challenges creating an invoice line and a salesforce order. In addition, a single object couldn’t hold more than 500 records. This was also a barrier to identifying opportunities and leads for the company.

The Solution

We implemented Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to keep track of all customer data and queries. With the help of Salesforce, all data, once uploaded, will be stored in Salesforce storage. As the job is completed, the excel sheet data is put into customized data objects to divide the bulk data into each CRM bucket and each CRM object can hold up to 500 records.

In addition, we made sure that the uploaded data was verified. If the data entered has issues, it will be recorded as Staging Error (SE), while the approved data will be recorded as Staging Complete (SC).

The Output

The uploaded data will be split into different folders as per the customer’s needs and queries. As the company receives an email, it will be labeled as opportunities along with the phone numbers that will enter the proposal project. This reduces the time and effort spent on data tracking and collection while utilizing multiple objects at the same time. With the right solution, our client was able to record customer information and interactions systematically.

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