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SAP Master Data Governance For Finance (MDG F SAP)

Financial organizations face challenges with respect to data standards and policies, manual data management, increasingly complex regulations, lack of transparency in audit trails and an inability to manage time-independent data provisioning. All of these impact operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, planning…

SAP Fiori Roadmap 2017 2019

SAP Fiori Roadmap SAP Fiori provides a dynamic new user experience like never before for SAP software and applications by delivering a role-based and consumer-grade UX across all lines of business, task and devices, so to speak. Since 2013, when…

Sharing rules in Salesforce

Concept of Sharing in Salesforce Salesforce has often proven itself to be a dynamic and easy-to-use interface. Salesforce lets you control access to data at different levels. For example, you can control the access your users have to objects with object…

Field history tracking in Salesforce

Field history tracking in Salesforce Field history tracking in Salesforce is a method which can be used to track the changes associated with any particular field. It can be employed for both standard objects as well as custom objects which are specific…

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