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LMTEQ Empowers Visionaries: ServiceNow Cloud Observability at Its Best.

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LMTEQ Empowers Visionaries

ServiceNow Cloud Observability at Its Best.

Transform your work dynamics with the advanced ServiceNow Cloud Observability (previously known as Lightstep), breaking organizational barriers. Our team of experts assist you in seamlessly integrating observability features into your workflow, creating an efficient alert and issue management system. Elevate organizational performance with LMTEQ’s Solution, ensuring rapid resolution, robust teamwork, and minimal downtime.

Core Aspects of Cloud Observability

  • Improve Productivity

    Arm your DevOps team with crucial insights into code dependencies. Strategize and plan for potential issues before the code deployment phase.

  • Reduce MTTR

    Simplify the management of complex tech estates with ServiceNow Observability. Utilize logs, metrics, and traces to pinpoint and comprehend the root cause of service disruptions, enabling the creation of a sophisticated action plan.

  • Streamline event coordination

    Break down silos and resolve issues across teams. Integrate cloud observability into your workflow to effortlessly identify incidents or events across the entire organization.

Prevent Incidents Proactively with LMTEQ’s Cloud Observability Solution!

LMTEQ’s Amplified Solutions

  • Notebooks

    Our solution enables real-time collaboration for issue resolution, offering detailed and context-specific data. This allows the team to spend less time investigating the problem and concentrate on developing effective solutions during their troubleshooting journey.

  • OpenTelemetry

    Our solution offers Service Graph Connectors for OpenTelemetry. This means it can automatically analyze data from your existing applications to infer the service structure in real time. Additionally, it can identify Kubernetes resources and link them to the applications in the same architecture. This enables your team to get the overall picture of your cloud environment.

  • Observability Dashboard

    With LMTEQ's solution, simplify and centralize the monitoring of telemetry data using ServiceNow's observability solution. Teams can monitor performance indicators, detect anomalies, and promptly address issues through unified dashboards. This streamlined approach improves operational efficiency, minimizing mean time to resolution.

  • ServiceNow Service Mapping

    Our solution assists you in mapping interactions among IT assets and services within cloud-native environments. Visualizing these connections provides teams with a comprehensive understanding of their infrastructure, leading to improved troubleshooting and resource allocation.

LMTEQ’s Power Boost

  • Cloud-Native Logging

    Seamlessly integrating metrics, tracing data, and cloud-native logging, our solution offers a unified view of your cloud environment. For a comprehensive observability system, integrating logging into fundamental telemetry processes is crucial.

  • Actionable Alerts

    Our solution provides actionable alerts, streamlining a crucial step in the observability journey. Teams can use sophisticated alerting methods to proactively detect and respond to critical events, minimizing downtime and ensuring peak performance.

  • Unified Query Language

    Our solution simplifies the querying process with Unified Query Language (UQL). Teams can employ UQL as a single tool to effortlessly query telemetry data from alarms, dashboards, and notebooks. This integrated approach speeds up issue resolution, boosts productivity, and simplifies data analysis.

  • Change Intelligence

    LMTEQ’s solution slashes investigation time, significantly reduces MTTR, conserves error budgets, and frees up resources for innovation. It automatically establishes baselines for transaction behavior, identifies dependencies, and provides instant visibility into failures and delays. This empowers SRE teams to quickly pinpoint issues and restore service.

Dream Big, Achieve Bigger!

LMTEQ paves the way with observability insights for your aspirations

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