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LMTEQ and ServiceNow OT

Elevating Operational Assets, Enhancing Efficiency.

LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Operation Technology (OT) Management solution provides your organization with a comprehensive and contextual perspective on its operational technology systems, ensuring their security, continuous operation, and integration with production processes and digital workflows. Through our Operational Technology Management, your organization gains the capability to assess, prioritize, and respond to events and threats effectively. This solution delivers various advantages, such as enhanced operational efficiency, increased uptime, and a lowered risk of downtime.

Enhance Operational Resilience and Boost Productivity!

  • Improve Your OT Visibility 

    Offering an improved perspective, our solution presents a visual representation detailing the status and interdependencies of OT assets. This heightened visibility empowers stakeholders by offering a lucid and thorough comprehension of the existing state and connections among OT assets within the production environment.

  • Quick Decision Making

    By utilizing visual maps, we aid in expediting decision-making and enabling effective problem-solving. These maps streamline complex information, making it easy for users to interpret and understand the status and dependencies of OT assets.

  • Respond Swiftly to Issues

    We assist you in improving your organization's responsiveness to issues by presenting a consolidated view of Industrial Control System (ICS) data. This unified perspective enables prioritized incident handling and swift action, supporting informed resource allocation and attention. As a result, potential downtime or disruptions in industrial processes are effectively prevented.

  • Strengthen Your OT Security

    We strengthen your OT system with an efficient workflow for comprehensive vulnerability detection and response, going beyond mere identification to actively mitigate or eliminate potential security risks. Tailored workflows also streamline compliance efforts, ensuring regulatory requirements are met while aligning security practices with industry standards.

Transform your OT with LMTEQ — Elevate efficiency and enhance security now!

LMTEQ’s Technical Prowess

OT Foundation

Within the OT Foundation, we adopt the Purdue Model to define critical infrastructure levels, seamlessly discovering and consolidating OT and IT assets into a multi-source CMDB. This includes integrating OT assets from spreadsheets using Service Graph for Microsoft Excel and Certified Service Graph Connectors for data from OT Security Providers.

OT Mapping

We aid in the automated mapping of OT assets, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end perspective. This encompasses mapping critical OT assets and processes following ISA-95 standards. Furthermore, we help visualize the production process and identify OT dependencies, streamlining the management process for you.

OT Vulnerability

Facilitating a proactive approach, we support optimizing uptime using single-view vulnerability data. With a configured alert policy, we assist in identifying issues and notifying the relevant personnel, empowering informed decision-making based on calculated risk scoring.

LMTEQ’s Strength

  • Change Management – Facilitating improved change management, we assist in monitoring and overseeing alterations in the OT system. This contributes to cultivating an environment characterized by control and transparency, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of overall management.

  • Effective Collaboration – We aid in promoting collaboration between IT and OT teams by establishing a shared platform. This encourages communication and coordination, ultimately enhancing the overall management of the system.

  • Audit Trial and Compliance Reporting – We help you to streamline compliance reporting by facilitating the creation of a comprehensive audit trail for your OT activities. This ensures accountability in alignment with regulatory requirements, contributing to a transparent and well-documented audit system.

  • Historical Data Analysis – We assist in utilizing analytics and reporting tools to access historical data, allowing your organization to analyze trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions based on past performance.

  • Cost-Optimization – Utilizing insights and analytics, we assist organizations in discovering opportunities for cost optimization. This support empowers them to make well-informed decisions regarding resource allocation and efficient budget management.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Operation Technology Management? You are in the right place

Count on us to assess, prioritize, and respond effectively to events and threats, enhancing your operational capabilities.