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Empower your tech service provider journey with LMTEQ and ServiceNow,

Where innovation meets unparalleled excellence.

As technology providers and businesses expand, maintaining excellent customer service remains crucial, requiring a continuous focus on efficiency and improvement. LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Technology Provider Service Management unifies your entire technology operation, seamlessly connecting networks to customers on a single platform. This approach enables proactive care, elevating service availability and quality.

Our Core Offerings

  • Service Bridge

    We assist you in utilizing the Service Bridge application to seamlessly connect your ServiceNow instance with your clients' ServiceNow instances. This integration empowers you to create and publish service catalogs accessible to customers, facilitating real-time submission and processing of service requests.

  • Proactive Service Experience Workflows

    In the event of network incidents, we aid you in expediting the restoration of normal service operations and proactively informing affected customers with the ServiceNow Proactive Service Experience Workflows application.

Transform your tech service with ServiceNow TPSM. Unify operations, and elevate excellence.

Our Capabilities To Scale Your Business

  • Omni Channel : Assist customers through various channels such as phone, messaging, chat, web, email, in-person, and social media.

  • Technology Service Workflows : Implement prebuilt technology service best practices workflows for standard service requests.

  • Predictive Intelligence : Use powerful machine learning and AI to simplify repetitive, and complex tasks.

  • Advanced Product Catalog : Effectively handle, visualize, and monitor product offerings along with their components within a unified and customizable workspace.

  • Digital Portfolio Management : Monitor metrics and usage data for both products and services to identify areas for improvement and strategically plan future roadmaps.

  • Visual Workflow and Automation : Streamline team workflows by automating assignments, tasks, and service processes effortlessly through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Incident and Case Management : Effectively handle incidents and cases with smart routing and built-in collaboration, ensuring a seamless integration of service and business context.

  • Remote Tasks : Minimize manual effort and enhance automation by seamlessly implementing multi-party and multi-instance workflows throughout the ServiceNow ecosystem.

  • Investigative Framework : Examine the incident thoroughly and review its details, including the attached log data, conveniently in a single location.

  • Remote Catalogue : Enable enterprise customers to submit requests directly from their ServiceNow instance, facilitating a swift update of subscribers' service catalogs.

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