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Maximize, Organize, and Optimize

LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Network Inventory Revolution!

Managing a plethora of resources, assets, and services within a telecommunication network can be challenging and tedious. With LMTEQ, you can effortlessly streamline your telecommunication inventory management. By leveraging the ServiceNow Telecommunication Network Inventory Management solution, our team assists you in consolidating all of your network resources and service information and organizing them in a single place. Transform the digital representation of your physical and logical networks and services by implementing automation throughout its lifecycle. 

Our Focus to Enhance Your Telecommunication Network Inventory

Supercharge your network efficiency! Optimize inventory effortlessly with LMTEQ

Our Capabilities That Scales With Your Business

  • Network Inventory Data Model

    We leverage ServiceNow CMDB as a central repository for storing information about your configuration item (CI) with the help of the classes. These classes are designed to align with the industry standards specific to the telecommunication sector. By aligning with industry standards and utilizing CMDB classes, your Network Inventory Data Model is streamlined for managing and organizing all network assets, such as equipment, cables, and fibers.

  • Network Inventory Configurable Workspace

    Our goal is to help you improve your understanding and insights into various operations within the network inventory. We aid you in creating workspaces and dashboards that are tailored to the preferences and requirements of individual users. This enables you to have a workspace within a network inventory system that can be configured based on individual preferences or specific needs. 

  • Automated Design and Creation

    Our emphasis is on automation, meaning we help you automate the creation and designing of network equipment (both physical equipment and connections) that facilitate communication within your network. This helps you to streamline the process and fulfill orders, both from external customers and internal network-related requirements. 

  • Equipment Models and Templates

    We help you in creating models and templates of various types of network equipment, that can be reused for similar tasks. These models could include specifications, configurations, and other details necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment. This ultimately helps the designing process to be swift regardless of the complexity of the template. With these standardized templates, you can considerably reduce deployment and configuration costs. 

  • Number Management

    We assist you in seamlessly controlling and managing various numbers related to telephone, IP address, VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network), and LAG (Link Aggregation Group). This enables you to simplify network administration, maximize network performance, and maintain smooth connectivity.

Ready to optimize your network inventory for peak performance?

Count on our team to transform your network efficiency with ServiceNow Telecommunication Network Inventory Management.