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How ServiceNow ITSM can be the optimal solution for Data Center

The Era of Tech-volution

Compared to the last decade, the growth of technology is substantial in every sector. But, when there is a Yin, there is a Yang. Meaning technology is good, but the amount of technology entering the market can be overwhelming. This leads to businesses saying, “Technology is moving fast – we can’t keep up.”

This is particularly the case in the data centers (DC) in various industries or businesses. Embracing new technology can radically change the whole data center process, and even sometimes, most data centers lack the skills to integrate such technologies.

So, is there a way to accommodate new technologies without having such difficulties? 

The answer is yes. ServiceNow for data centers can not only help manage the data center infrastructure but also assist in the service management aspect.
Let’s take a closer look at how ServiceNow can be the optimal solution for the data center.

What Makes ServiceNow, a Good Candidate for Data Center?

Among the myriad of tools available, ServiceNow stands out as a sophisticated solution thanks to its centralized platform to manage all the data center components by leveraging ServiceNow CMDB (Configuration Management Database). Also, its capability to seamlessly integrate with the data center infrastructure and the advanced analytics and dashboard for optimizing operations and data-driven decision-making, makes it one of the easiest options for data center infrastructure management.

What Makes ServiceNow, a Good Candidate for Data Center?

ServiceNow can be leveraged to perform both data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and data center service management (DCSM).

DC Asset

By integrating with building management systems (BMS), IoT devices, and other monitoring tools (NMS, SCADA), ServiceNow enables comprehensive oversight and proactive maintenance of infrastructure elements such as space, racks, power, and mechanical systems. 

Let’s explore how ServiceNow can be leveraged for each of these key areas:

  • Space

    Leveraging ServiceNow, DC can effortlessly visualize and manage space allocation. Having an accurate (near-real-time) insight into total, used, and available space can help DC streamline the capacity planning process. Due to this, if any space allocation constraints arise, DC can proactively address them and support the evolving business needs.

  • Rack

    Through integration with barcode or QR-code scanning systems, ServiceNow streamlines asset tracking and inventory management, reducing manual errors and ensuring accurate recordkeeping. Additionally, ServiceNow's automation capabilities enable automated provisioning and decommissioning of rack-mounted assets, simplifying lifecycle management and optimizing resource utilization.

  • Power

    By leveraging ServiceNow, DC can monitor power consumption, analyze energy usage patterns, and optimize power distribution across data center facilities. By integrating with PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and other power monitoring systems, DC can have accurate visibility into power infrastructure performance, facilitate proactive identification of potential issues, and even preventive management for energy-saving initiatives.

  • Mechanical Systems

    Integrating with the BMS system, ServiceNow provides centralized control and monitoring capabilities, enabling DC to maintain optimal environmental conditions such as temperature, and humidity within the data center. With this DC can easily optimize mechanical infrastructure performance and minimize the risk of system failures.

DC Service Management

In addition to its DCIM capabilities, ServiceNow significantly enhances data center management in the service delivery aspect as well. With seamless incident management and a comprehensive knowledge base, ServiceNow ITSM streamlines data center operations for improved efficiency and simplicity. 


1. Incident Management

Through the integration with ServiceNow ITSM, DC can:

  • Monitor the incident lifecycle continuously to track its progression.
  • Utilize API integrations to correlate IT incidents with real-time data center status.
  • Conduct historical analysis to identify recurring patterns for ongoing enhancement.
  • Automatically assign tickets based on SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and adhere to predefined timelines.

2. Problem Management

With ServiceNow ITSM integration, DC can:

  • Identify critical incidents, known issues, and open incidents.
  • Automatically generate problem tickets according to predefined criteria.
  • Seamlessly integrate with CMDB to enhance visibility into dependencies, incidents, and changes.
  • Access comprehensive metrics and graphical representations for effective problem management.

3. Change Management

When it comes to change management, leveraging ServiceNow, DC can:

  • Enhance change management with seamless integration into dedicated modules.
  • Evaluate data center relocations, additions, and removals by leveraging CMDB and service mapping.
  • Employ ServiceNow’s CAB (Change Approval Board) approval workflows to facilitate streamlined decision-making.
  • Foster transparent communication and accountability throughout the change management process.

4. Service Request and SLA

With the ServiceNow integration, DC can:

  • Improve efficiency in handling DCIM components for streamlined material inward and outward management.
  • Facilitate prompt support remotely, eliminating the need for physical presence with a remote pair of hands.
  • Enhance on-site support by optimizing resource utilization through the use of a smart pair of hands.
  • Establish SLA parameters based on request times, mapped to specific products or services.

5. Knowledge Base

Lastly, with ServiceNow ITSM integration, DC can:

  • Catalog comprehensive IT asset details, encompassing specifications like model numbers, vendor information, and more.
  • Guide integrating and optimizing diverse vendor equipment within data center infrastructure.
  • Create detailed technical documentation for DCIM components, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

ServiceNow DCSM – The Holistic Solution for Data Center

By using ServiceNow DCSM, data centers can improve their incident resolution time by up to 30% and increase customer satisfaction by up to 20%

ServiceNow DCSM provides businesses with the flexibility to handle any data center challenge and efficiently manage diverse and complex technologies, making integration, maintenance, and management effortless. This transforms data centers into responsive and agile business hubs.

Ultimately, ServiceNowDCSM acts as the strategic enabler for data center excellence, empowering organizations to adapt to evolving business needs, enhance operational agility, and deliver superior services in today’s ever-growing technology landscape. 

Ready to tap into the hidden potential of your data center?

LMTEQ strives to provide holistic ServiceNow data center solutions. Our team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of ServiceNow ITSM integration with data centers enables your business to achieve your milestone swiftly. 

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