Why Do You Need Salesforce Integration Services?

Salesforce Integration Services

We understand that different businesses have different tool requirements depending on the domain and business strategies.

With our Salesforce integration services, it is feasible to integrate other softwares that your business might use such as SAP, Google Cloud, JIRA, Slack, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Box, etc giving you an all-in-one access to boosting your productivity. Integrations are complex and require programming for each system. With LMTEQ’s expertise in Salesforce setups, we analyze the risks and challenges that come in the way and deliver a flawless integrated system.

We understand that different businesses have different tool requirements depending on the domain and business strategies

Why Do You Need Salesforce Integration Services?

Salesforce, today, is the most popular of all cloud-based CRM applications in the world today. It allows organizations to manage all their business applications seamlessly from a centralized point-of-view. Apart from unparalleled sales tracking, improved real-time visibility, more intelligent business decisions, and effective sales, Salesforce also offers:

Our Salesforce Integration Strategy
  • Bottle-Neck Free Business Workflow– Boosts profitability by optimizing the workflow of your business.
  • Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors – Overcome your competitors with technological superiority.
  • Goovers – Company and Industry Research
  • Expand Functionality – Stretch the functionality of your existing CRM and third-party tools.
  • Easy Adoption Of The Latest Technologies – Implement the most advanced SaaS technologies with ease.
  • Centralized Data Access – Enjoy quick access to all essential business data.

We Breeze Past Every Challenge Posing Salesforce Integration!

Working With Complex Solutions

Our extensive understanding of Salesforce makes us indispensable specialists at facilitating Salesforce Integrations with the most complex and advanced solutions.

Synchronizing Necessary Data

With our capabilities to carry out flawless Salesforce Integration, we guarantee that all your essential data channels are synced perfectly in real-time!

Dealing With Intricate Customizations

Our Salesforce specialists at Lmteq can help in optimizing all your utilized tools with Salesforce CRM, helping you get the most bang for your buck!

Scenarios With Multiple Integrations

No matter how many tools and data silos you need to be integrated with Salesforce CRM, our team can do it all!

We're Experts At Facilitating A Variety Of Salesforce Integration Services

Integration with Marketing tools

Enhance the productivity of your sales and marketing divisions by integrating Salesforce with your existing marketing tools.

Integration with Popular Computer Telephony Integration Tools

Grant your sales unit a competitive advantage by equipping their existing tools with Salesforce for faster, more efficient customer service.

Integration with Calendar & Messaging Services

By integrating all the Calendar & Messaging applications used within your organization, you can offer your team access all essential customer relationship data, so that they can then make better-informed business decisions.

Integration with E-Commerce Applications

Boost your profits and enhance customer satisfaction levels by integrating Salesforce with the E-Commerce tools used within your company.

Integration with Widely Adopted Accounting Tools

By integrating Salesforce and your accounting tools, you offer Sales professionals within your organization the capability to generate more detailed consumer profiles and make more meticulous plans based on that.

Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Salesforce and ERP integration strengthens your sales force with a treasure trove of invaluable data about the company’s client base and available resources, ensuring the continuous and prolonged improvement of your sales margins.

Integration with Social Media Platforms

There’s no better way to listen to what your customers have to say about your company’s services & products. This will support your sales specialists in constantly upgrading the customer experience, while also steadily drawing-in new customers.

Our Salesforce Integration Strategy

Our Salesforce Integration Strategy

Define Goals

Our team performs a deep-rooted examination of your company’s objectives.


They then proceed with designing and developing a suitable integration roadmap.

Implementation & Integration

Our Salesforce Implementation Services makes sure that you have a flawless implementation and integration experience when implementing a change to your Salesforce solution.

Prolonged Support

Our task isn’t complete with just the deployment of your Salesforce solution, we take care of even maintenance and support tasks!

Why Pick Us?

Renowned Expertise

Our team of Salesforce specialists possesses a firm and concrete understanding of how Salesforce CRM works, and are well versed with integrating it with any third-party software.

Extensive Experience

With years of combined experience, our team is highly sought-after for its ability to dispense flawless and incidence-free Salesforce integration services.

We're Here When You Need Us!

We can undertake Salesforce integration consultancy and integration in absolutely less than no time by assembling a fully capable team of specialist Salesforce professionals.

Tried & Tested Integration Methodologies

Our processes for configuring continuous integration, security policies, coding guidelines, etc, have been tried and tested incessantly for their efficacy!

Credibility As A Recognized Salesforce Partners

We have proven our professionalism and competence in executing flawless Salesforce integrations for clients. We are also the Salesforce Partners for organizations from a diverse range of industries with varying requirements.

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