ServiceNow ITAM

Transform your IT asset management with ServiceNow ITAM

Transform your IT asset management with ServiceNow ITAM

Employ the ServiceNow Asset Management tool to automate every aspect of your hardware assets, software licenses, and cloud services on a single platform. Gain complete visibility and control over your IT assets and costs.

Enhance customer satisfaction with ServiceNow ITAM

Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Simplify procurement process: ServiceNow ITAM streamlines the procurement process by offering a single platform for managing all IT asset requirements. This enables organizations to prevent repeat purchases and cut total procurement expenses.
  • Reduce tech costs: Gain control over It costs with real-time visibility into asset usage. Optimize ITAM asset management and avoid unnecessary expenditures.
  • Upgrade IT asset management: Automating your IT asset management process can significantly minimize manual intervention, improve accuracy and increase efficiency. ServiceNow ITAM provides a unified platform to manage your hardware assets, software licenses, and cloud services.
  • Eliminate technology risk: Ensure compliance with ServiceNow ITAM and mitigate the risk of monetary fines and reputational harm associated with non-compliance. Identify and reduce technological threats, such as tech debt, shadow technology, vulnerabilities, and licensing compliance.

Get exceptional visibility to enhance asset reporting and revitalize IT asset management

Get exceptional visibility to enhance asset reporting and revitalize IT asset management
  • Excellent hardware asset management: Businesses may fully comprehend the life of their hardware assets by being able to trace those assets from acquisition through disposal. This entails monitoring the warranties, maintenance needs, and overall health of their hardware assets to ensure they are constantly functioning at their best.
  • Sustainable enterprise asset management: Track your IT assets’ whereabouts, status, and usage in real-time with ServiceNow ITAM. LMTEQ helps you gain complete insight into your IT assets, making managing and improving the entire IT infrastructure simpler.
  • Effective software asset management: Using the ServiceNow asset management platform, LMTEQ can assist your business in enhancing its ITAM processes. By tracking software licenses, and usage, companies can ensure compliance with the software vendors’ licensing policies.
  • Cloud intelligence: A key component of ITAM is cloud analytics, and ServiceNow’s ITAM platform allows organizations to monitor their cloud resources, consumption, and spending. By doing this, companies can ensure they are making the most efficient use of their cloud resources and optimizing their cloud spending.
  • SaaS license management: Businesses must efficiently manage their SaaS licenses considering the proliferation of cloud-based software solutions. LMTEQ can assist you in tracking your SaaS license consumption, streamlining your SaaS spending, and ensuring that you always adhere to the licensing requirements of the SaaS providers with the help of ServiceNow ITAM solutions.
  • Enhanced analysis and reporting: Businesses may gain insights into their IT assets’ usage, performance, and cost using the ServiceNow asset management tool. This can aid organizations in making defensible choices about their IT infrastructure, maximizing their IT budget, and enhancing their entire ITAM procedure.

Optimize IT Asset Management with Proven Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of IT asset management ServiceNow with LMTEQ’s expert solutions. Our team of skilled IT asset management professionals closely collaborates with the clients to understand their needs and then offers specialized solutions that give them more control over their IT assets.

Whether you need to enhance your ServiceNow ITAM process or manage IT assets effectively, LMTEQ is here to help. Connect with us to arrange a consultation and begin the process of releasing the full potential of your IT assets!

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