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Unlock the right service experience for your employees with our ServiceNow HRSD services

Elevate your organization’s HR services with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) solutions. Coherently unify global employee support through rationalized digital workflows, maximizing ROI. Our expert services integrate unblemishedly with your existing HR tech landscape, emphasizing self-service for accelerated digital transformation. Experience cohesive, department-spanning HR excellence with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow HRSD offerings.

Key Features & Capabilities of ServiceNow HRSD

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Our Implementation Phase Summary

This Implementation Phase Summary provides you with a detailed chart on how
we approach HR Service Delivery Implementation.

Common HRSD Integrations

Once your organization completes ServiceNow HRSD Implementation, you can integrate your HRSD landscape with some of the below-mentioned HR compliance systems, ATI tools, and portal software that your organization utilizes.

  • Active Directory : ServiceNow HRSD can be integrated with the company’s Active Directory to generate staff details automatically and guarantee precise data administration.

  • Payroll Systems : ServiceNow HRSD can be linked with the payroll systems to make sure that staff data, like salaries and tax details, are current.

  • Learning Management Systems : Integration of ServiceNow HRSD with learning management systems makes employee access to training and development resources much easier. 

  • Performance Management Systems : Integrating ServiceNow HRSD with performance management systems provides a complete picture of the performance appraisal process of employees, to manage job reviews and monitoring goals.

  • Workforce Management Systems : ServiceNow HRSD can be integrated with workforce management tools to provide a consolidated picture of staff schedules, time-office inquiries, and attendance.

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) : HRSD works with ATS to handle hiring procedures and keep track of candidates

  • Time and Attendance Systems : HRSD integrates with time and attendance tools in handling employee requests for time off, monitoring absence, and payrolls.

  • Employee Self-Service Portals : HR Service Delivery integrates with employee self-service platforms to allow employees to maintain their own individual information, advantages, and time off claims.

Acquire New Dimensions to Your HR Functions

  • Personalized Solutions : HRSD integrates with time and attendance tools in handling employee requests for time off, monitoring absence, and payrolls.

  • Efficient Management of Employee Interactions : We categorize employee interactions based on their functions enabling organization and management.

  • Comprehensive Employee Data Management : We securely maintain all employee information throughout their lifecycle

  • Adaptable HR Processes : Our system allows you to define HR processes and policies that align with your organization's requirements, such, as onboarding, interviews, and performance management.

  • Seamless Integration : Our platform seamlessly integrates with your HR systems like payroll, talent management, and background screening.

  • Enhanced Self-Service: With our system, up to 75% of employee inquiries can be self-serviced saving time for both employees and HR teams

  • Improved Productivity : By optimizing processes we can increase efficiency in employee onboarding and departure by 30%..

  • Expanded Functionality Options : You have the flexibility to incorporate features like Travel Management for support.

  • Effective Risk Management : Our integration with the GRC module helps mitigate risks and eliminate threats effectively

  • Enhanced Functionality :  We synchronize ServiceNow HRSD, with SAP SuccessFactors to ensure data exchange and unlock enhanced functionality.

Your ITSM Revolution Awaits!

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