SAP MDG EAM for Manufacturing Industry

Master data governance in the digital manufacturing domain is of utmost importance since it can make a huge difference in the operational efficiency of the organization.

SAP Manufacturing leaders are looking at an EAM, an Enterprise Asset Management Software to help them:

Gain an understanding of availability at both the inlet and the outlet of a production process in order to optimize production output.

Develop high trust levels in the maintenance reliability of plant assemblies.

Eliminate wastage and downtime due to faulty manufacturing parts.

In proper maintenance planning.

LMTEQ provides you SAP Plant Maintenance data quality solution and assists you in your endeavor towards digital transformation.

SAP MDG EAM for Manufacturing Industry

SAP MDG Enterprise Asset Management EAM

SAP MDG EAM, the Enterprise Asset Management Software, enables governance of master data domains such as equipment master, functional location, work centers, service masters, linear asset management, to name a few. These are the master data domains that are required for effective SAP Plant Maintenance.

Key features of SAP MDG EAM

Smooth integration with other inter linked MDG domains.

Allows for the creation and deployment of enterprise asset management specific business rules during master data development.

Enables synchronization amongst multiple asset master data systems including GIS systems, reliability systems etc.


How do enterprises benefit from SAP MDG EAM?

SAP MDG EAM, the Enterprise Asset Management Software enables enterprises to:

How do enterprises benefit from SAP MDG EAM_

  Increase regulatory compliance

  Maintain records of all changes to safety-critical equipment master data.

  Also, eliminate duplicate records and excess inventory for MRO spare parts.

  Improvise on the usage of corporate best-practices in changes to asset master data.

  Further, reduce costs pertaining to MRO supply chain.

  Generate bills of material consistently reflecting corporate best practices in spares allocation.

  Identify and eliminate inventory that is no longer in use.

  Moreover, forecast the need for MRO spares.

  Improve maintenance downtime.

  Follow maintenance best practices through consistent utilization of maintenance plan templates.

  Reduce inefficiency due to work orders with inaccurate spare parts, incomplete task lists and tool requirements.

  Ensure that every work order has an accurate, complete supporting documentation.

  Further, reduce equipment downtime and unplanned maintenance.

  Above all, improve maintenance downtime analysis and forecasting through consistent master data nomenclature.

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