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Want to gain SAP GDPR compliance with SAP CRM?

LMTEQ works on SAP CRM enhancements thereby enabling SAP compliance with GDPR.  

Want to gain SAP GDPR compliance with SAP CRM_

Why should your organization work on becoming GDPR Compliance?

GDPR gives EU residents greater protection and control of their personal data. Maintaining customer records and processing their activities is crucial for GDPR. SAP compliance with GDPR is vital as SAP CRM works along collecting and managing customer information. 

LMTEQ offers various GDPR-centric enhancements to SAP CRM to handle customer data with utmost security and privacy

Personal Data Blocking

Personal Data Blocking

Customers have the right to restrict the processing of their personal data for various reasons. They may not agree with the information you possess or the way their data is being processed. LMTEQ respects user rights and offers custom technical enhancements for data blocking. Thereby, providing users the right to have control over their data.

Data Deletion and Archiving

Data Deletion and Archiving

Customers can get organizations to delete their data if the processing purpose is fulfilled. Also, they have a right to get their data deleted if the data is not processed lawfully or when they withdraw their consent. SAP CRM experts at LMTEQ work on enhancing the software to keep only the necessary information. They also offer custom solutions to the problems that arise during data deletion and archiving activities.

Personal Data Consent

Personal Data Consent

Personal data can only be processed with user’s consent. Hence, organizations must ask for user’s consent while collecting their personal data, also giving them an option to refuse if they don’t want to process their data. LMTEQ delivers SAP CRM enhancements to process user consent, giving specific consent opportunities for every data processing.

Personal Data Information Retrieval

Personal Data Information Retrieval

Customers can keep track of data from different organizations so that they can verify the data being processed. For instance, they might want to check the data used to see if it is relevant and then remove, edit or keep it unchanged. SAP CRM experts at LMTEQ offer technical enhancements to the CRM solution for data retrieval ensuring security and integrity.

LMTEQ offers custom enhancements or solutions on top of SAP’s standard delivery of DP&P (Data Protection and Privacy) solutions. We perform technical analysis and testing of DP&P solutions which would benefit during the health check of DP&P compliance software.

Our SAP specialists are experts in performing technical implementation and delivering software requirements in the areas of GDPR and DP&P.



This is your cue to avail SAP Integration Services with us at LMTEQ and stay a step ahead of market competitions.

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