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LMTEQ’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud - We help you to connect with your customers anytime, anywhere.

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LMTEQ’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Where Technology Meets Retail

Bestowing customers with an impeccable shopping experience is a coveted aspiration for every business. At LMTEQ, we craft a detailed technical roadmap to help your company amplify its e-commerce capabilities and enhance the customer experience through Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

We assure you customized exposure across physical and digital channels, benefiting both businesses and customers, while also providing multi-platform options for effective customer engagement.

Mastering E-Commerce Evolution: Elevate, Innovate, and Excel

Evolution of Innovation

We assist you in embracing the capabilities of the Cloud and integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud features with a Mobile app, SFCC Mcommerce cartridge, Social integration, Role-based UIs, and unified management encompassing various sites, languages, and currencies.

Embrace the Potential of the Cloud

 Step into the future with AI-powered Commerce Cloud, facilitating product recommendations, personalized content, and in-depth commerce insight with us.

Anticipate Commerce Trends

Elevate customer satisfaction through our personalized shopping journeys, flawlessly integrating digital and in-store experiences for a unified view of inventory and efficient distributed order management.

Validation and Quality Assurance

Dive into comprehensive testing with various generic methods on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, ensuring the robustness of main pages, product category pages, product search, shopping bags, product detail pages, checkout processes, and payments.

Ecommerce Management

Navigate the evolving landscape with essential services including business change management, ongoing support and monitoring, optimization, upgrades, and meticulous release management.

Multi-Platform Exposure

Through years of undertaking Salesforce Commerce Cloud deployment, execution, and maintenance projects, LM Infotech has acquired the expertise and know-how necessary for all b2b, and b2c, sectors. Our broad perspective makes it for us to cater to clients from even the most niche domains.

Ready to Transform Your E-commerce Business

Relish the Benefits of our Salesforce Commerce Services

Social Media Harmony Effectively manage all your social media platforms simultaneously, ensuring streamlined and efficient management.
Social Media Harmony Handle massive content volumes with ease, ensuring your customers get the latest updates.
Product Brilliance From customer preferences to revenue insights, conquer every facet of product management.
AI-Driven Recommendations Transform shopping for both consumers and businesses with smart product suggestions that captivate and clarify.
Precision Promotion Control Maintain a competitive edge through insightful competition analysis and the execution of targeted promotions that consistently achieve their intended goals.
Instant Checkout Save time with one-tap payments, making transactions quicker than ever.
Smart Price Insights  Master sales distribution and pricing for optimized product placement and profitability.
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