Organizations face a lot of challenges with respect to logistics and supply chain management. Margins are tight, deliveries have to be made on time and budgets have to be respected.

An efficient centralized system (SAP logistics management system) to integrate processes and master data to ensure high performance is the need of the hour.

Organizations need a core set of governed master data of customers, suppliers, products, locations etc to strategize and increase sales apart from mitigating risks and improving profits. They recognize the need for SAP master data governance in logistics and supply chain management. (SAP logistics management system)

SAP MDG Logistics Features
Organizations face a lot of challenges with respect to logistics

Challenges faced by businesses in logistics

Inventory management is crucial for any business. When there is no real-time visibility into available inventory, both sales and customer satisfaction get adversely affected. Also, if systems are not centrally integrated, managing inventory from multiple warehouses becomes a cumbersome task.

In the absence of effective data sharing across the supply chain, transparency goes for a toss and consumers are unable to make informed decisions about the products that they desire to buy. Moreover, an automated workflow to help sort incoming and outgoing packages, place shipments on shipping containers and check packages for defects before shipping is highly recommended for seamless operation of the business.

Industries are looking out for SAP master data governance in logistics and supply chain management to

  • Automate workflow to increase efficiency
  • Effectively manage task assignment
  • Develop new cost-cutting processes through inventory automation
  • Provide real-time reports and alerts for better decision making
  • Have a system for complete merchandise tracking
  • Increase speed and efficiency of information transfer

SAP MDG Logistics Features

  • Centralized data architecture – Managers can have access to data from customers, vendors, products, routing etc at one place.
  • Data reliability – Consistent data with master data being cross referenced across various departments
  • Mass updates – A change in the master data will reflect in all other related databases.
  • Backup and easy recovery of data
  • Enhanced user interface – To gauge customer behavior and make informed decisions.
  • Workflow automation to increase optimization and efficiency
  • Highly efficient auditing enabling complete compliance with regulations
Challenges faced by businesses in logistics

We at LMTEQ assist you with a robust solution (SAP logistics management system) to govern master data in logistics to improve business operations.

Benefits of SAP MDG in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Benefits of SAP MDG in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Efficient warehouse management
  • Increase in “In-stock” leading to better sales
  • Faster movement of goods
  • Efficient transportation leading to lesser disruptions in business operations
  • Faster payments to suppliers
  • Real-time analytics for better decision making
  • Smarter operations making way for better business

Master data governance (MDG) of SAP logistics that includes comprehensive management and governance of materials, sales and distribution, production planning and control, product data, quality and plant maintenance systems enables.

  • A single version of truth in the ever evolving data landscape providing a consolidated platform for data synchronization and centralization
  • Homogeneity and transparency across the enterprise system landscape eliminating silos across different departments
  • Accurate predictions and forecasting leading to evolved inventory management
  • Data standardization and improved collaboration between internal and external parties
  • Trusted data, real time analytics and holistic data governance

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