SAP CRM Support & Services

SAP CRM Support & Services

Every business’s strength is its customers. Many businesses offer the same products and services, but what makes them different from one another is the customer experience that they provide. Customers go for a particular product/service based on their experience at all company touchpoints. Hence it is important to consider your SAP CRM support & services strategies in order to optimize your business development.

Leave support and maintenance to us while you do what you’re best at.  Therefore you can achieve your business goals in a more streamlined manner within your budget and requirements. LMTEQ focuses on implementing beneficial SAP CRM techno-functional strategies to keep your customers close to you at every interaction.

SAP CRM Support _ Services
Why LMTEQ cloud-based support services


  • LMTEQ offers on-premise as well as cloud-based support services.
  • We analyze and optimize every customer touchpoint.
  • Help in new customer acquisition and retaining existing customers.
  • Increase ROI by accomplishing customer needs.
  • Provide relevant KPI dashboards and analytics in order to make better decisions.
  • Offer customizations to build a personalized experience for customers.
  • Analyze customer activity at every touchpoint and consequently optimize the experience if needed.
Our qualified SAP CRM consultants will support you when in need right from a lead’s initial contact with you to them becoming your loyal customers.

Services We Offer

  • LMTEQ offers customer-centric solutions.
  • Assured data conformity thereby maintaining confidential data.
  • Customizations and integrations as per your business requirement.
  • Support all front-office functions such as customer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales, and customer service while combining it with back end transactions
  • ERP systems and business applications
  • Create individual marketing campaigns based on customer preferences.
  • Best-in-class support ticket resolution.
  • Performance tuning & code optimization.
  • Develop, manage & support customer extensions.
  • Research & come up with innovative ideas in the SAP CRM space, while also deploying the same in your business.
Services We Offer

Why an SAP CRM system is the best for your organization

There are infinite ways that an SAP CRM system will assist you to get the most out of your client interactions. The tiniest refinement will increase client retention and send profits through the roof.
Improved client experience

Give contact center reps and field service technicians a 360° read on clients / consumers / shoppers in order for them to deliver personalized customer experiences and resolve problems quickly.

Increased client retention

Wow your customers with customized service that wins loyalty. Run period of time analytics to spot the simplest offers, the proper temporal arrangement, and also the best channel.

Higher sales revenue.

Boost pipeline visibility and increase sales with integrated tools for sales department automation, lead management, prognostication, cross-selling, e-commerce, and more.

Greater method potency

Help your sales, marketing, and repair groups accomplish additional tasks with less effort by taking advantage of machine-controlled processes and scheduled follow-up prompts.

Work smarter with higher collaboration

Share data across groups, departments, internal and external stakeholders with cooperative CRM to serve customers at each touchpoint.

The key capabilities of SAP CRM

Today’s customer relationship management systems include basic CRM features as well as advanced CRM talents that go a long way beyond the contact sorting and filing functions of the past. Now you can streamline all your client-going processes and enhance relationships by means of putting the patron at the center of your sales, marketing, commerce, and carrier activities.
Contact control

Securely access your purchaser information such as names, contact details, social media accounts, communications preferences, etc. in a critical database that your whole team can get admission to in real-time, 24/7.

Interaction control

Track all of your patron interactions – which includes emails, smartphone conversations, social media posts, and chat sessions to gain a 360° view of each customer and supply a consistent cross-channel experience.

Lead control

Identify and score leads through your pipeline to convert prospective customers into buyers. SAP CRM enables the integration of your lead generation, lead nurturing activities and pipeline management efforts.

Workflow automation

Automate tasks and harness the power of AI to provide chatbot-based interactions on social media and messaging apps.

Customer analytics

Surface the right insights at the right time with on-call for CRM reporting and interactive dashboards. Predict what clients need, customise their experiences, and take proper action within the moment.

CRM integrations

Integrate your CRM system together with your website, e-mail and calendar platforms, accounting and billing software, customer surveys, document control, and e-signatures so that you can perform the entirety in a single place.

Secure, cellular CRM

All of your CRM capabilities should be accessible to you anytime, anywhere, from any device. In addition, your cloud CRM has to help you streamline security, information privacy, and GDPR compliance requirements.

LMTEQ as a SAP-certified partner aims to strengthen your customer bond with SAP CRM Support Services. Keep your customers close to you at every interaction!

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