Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Investments In SAP Software?

Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Investments In SAP Software

With LMTEQ’s SAP Enterprise Support services, Optimize Your IT Landscape, Innovate Business Processes And Reduce Your Total Cost Of Ownership.

    With LMTEQ’s SAP Enterprise Support, Optimize Your IT Landscape, Innovate Business Processes And Reduce Your Total Cost Of Ownership.

    LMTEQ helps you adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and stay on top of your game. Therefore by using our support services, you can benefit from expert guidance and knowledge transfer that’ll enable you to be successful with SAP solutions.

    Moreover, by addressing your unique business challenges, we can help you establish problem-avoidance methods, optimize your operations, and take advantage of SAP innovations. We help and work in-par with you throughout your business journey. Thereby crafting SAP support packages and patches in coherence with your business requirement.

    What customers achieve with LMTEQ’s SAP Enterprise Support Services

    Extension of ERP Lifetime

    If your ERP is working wonders for you, there is no need to succumb to continuous upgrades or migrations just to stay fully supported.

    LMTEQ offers SAP ERP support focused on maximizing the ERP ROI by leveraging your existing system for a minimum of 12 years. Hence we stay supported even after SAP’s end of support for ECC.


    Customized SAP Support

    There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to SAP ERP. Therefore, having strong SAP ERP support for custom code and modifications done to meet your organization’s requirements is crucial. LMTEQ offers software support for mission-critical customizations at no additional cost.


    Reduced annual support fees upto 50%

    Over the years, we’ve observed that most organizations spend up to 90% of their IT budget on ongoing support and maintenance, and only up to 10% goes to business innovation.

    Thus at LMTEQ, we work to create an impact on your budgets by saving up to 50% on annual support fees. Here’s how-

    • Unnecessary, expensive, and low-value upgrades will be put off.
    • Internal support teams to resolve the incompetencies of the vendor are not required, thereby saving your budget.
    • Customization support at no additional cost.

    Migration to Cloud

    Cloud migration strategy adopted at LMTEQ eliminates the hassle of choosing from multiple public, private and hybrid options. Consequently, we offer best in class, tailored cloud migration strategy that is completely vendor agnostic, making it possible for future innovation and growth without sacrificing on your ERP investments.


    Secured Applications and Database

    Solely relying on software vendor critical patch updates will not provide the required security. LMTEQ’s smart security services enable clients with the agility to reduce probable exposure. We help protect your SAP applications and databases from known and unknown vulnerabilities way before the attack reaches the intended target.


    Compliance to Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Updates

    Staying compliant with the government’s ever-changing tax and accounting rules can be an ongoing effort for any organization.

    Therefore, LMTEQ offers custom TL&R updates after comprehensive research and verification to deliver the latest updates without the need for migrations. Hence, we focus on delivering only relevant software compliance updates that the client needs for their unique environment.


    Multi Vendor IT Support Management

    Businesses often employ multiple software that might trigger a multi-vendor handshake of business operations. This could therefore create complexities in coordinating and bridging gaps when it comes to product development, enhancement, and overall support. Hence, our multi-vendor support strategy streamlines the process.  Thus making the additional product onboarding cost-effective and manageable.


    Software Licensing Compliance

    LMTEQ helps you monitor software usage and mitigate compliance risks with exceptional license advisory services. Hence, our software licensing experts enable clients to be prepared for audits and manage software assets with reduced cost and complexity.


    What customer says about our SAP Enterprise Support Services!

    The value our SAP Enterprise Support brings in

    Our SAP support services ensure that you have a seamless SAP journey without any hassles. Experience premium support from industry experts with customer service that is a class apart, adding that extra value to your business.

    • Gain direct contact with LMTEQ’s industry specific expert.
    • Custom sap support packages and patches
    • 24*7 support
    • Adherence to SAP best practices for each and every business scenario
    • Mission-critical SAP IT support
    • Bug fixes, code optimization and document correction as per SAP standard best practices.
    • Reduced downtime by 99 %
    • TQC for SAP OS/DB migration check
    • TQC Business Process Performance Optimization
    • SAP Security optimization desk
    • Early monthly alert reports
    • Optimization of cumbersome business processes within a short period of time

    Why LMTEQ?

    We leverage your existing ERP to achieve business objectives without performing low-value upgrades or migrations.

    Hence we ensure seamless and hassle-free support to your solutions.

    Future proof erp invesment

    LMTEQ offers valuable enterprise software support that is typically not included in standard software vendor support. Hence, we provide support for customization, performing tuning, and interoperability.

    Ultra-responsive support program

    Save upto 50% on your annual support fee with LMTEQ, thereby freeing up your budget for innovation. Consequently, we follow a business-driven roadmap approach rather than a vendor-dictated roadmap. Hence, giving you complete ownership and flexibility to focus on strategic planning for business growth.

    Focus funds on strategic initiatives and innovation

    SAP Enterprise Support Program

    Experience qualitative support that goes beyond routine maintenance. At LMTEQ, SAP IT support is redefined.

    The Gain

    • 15 years of guaranteed support
    • Exclusive global account manager for every client
    • Named regional primary support engineer
    • 15-minute guaranteed response SLA
    • Complete support without upgrades
    • Upto 50% saving in annual support fees
    • Full control on setting your SAP roadmap

    The Assistance

    • Application and documentation fixes
    • Operational and configuration support
    • Performance support
    • Interoperability and integration support
    • Customization support

    The Access

    Gain complete access to :

    • documentation and best practices
    • SAP Service Marketplace Platform and SAP Developer network
    • SAP’s help and support portals

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