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ServiceNow helps organizations help automate their business processes with workflows that simplify their daily operations. LMTEQ offers a class-apart ServiceNow implementation and consulting services that help clients achieve maximum value out of the platform in a short period of time. Our ServiceNow implementation consultants enable businesses to transform their enterprises’ service management and eliminate challenges at all functions of their business.

If you’re new to the ServiceNow platform, having a strong team to work with and support your transition is crucial. LMTEQ has the experience and expertise in transforming business operations to the Now platform, without affecting consumer experience.

We have a well defined roadmap that helps businesses to plan and implement ServiceNow efficiently, achieving measurable goals at every stage of implementation. Our experience in ITSM ServiceNow implementation has recognized us as one of the finest choices among many ServiceNow implementation partners.

Our diverse expertise in maneuvering modules such as ServiceNow ITSM  and ServiceNow ITOM automate company processes and make everyday tasks easier. Our consultants use cutting-edge tools and best practices to ensure maximum availability, efficiency, and security to watch, control, and optimize your IT infrastructure.

Get the Zero Cost

ServiceNow Consultation

ServiceNow Products We Work With


IT Service Management


IT Operations Management


IT Business Management


Customer Service Management


Human Resource Service Delivery




Governance, Risk, and Compliance


Configuration Management Database

Gain competitive advantage with our expertise in

  • Transforming employee experience, engagement and productivity
  • Digital transformation solutions
  • Enabling better decision making and performance while reducing risks across the organization
  • Enhancing customer experience and loyalty with improved operational efficiency
  • Simplifying complex financial applications through automation
  • Improved asset management by delivering more value with minimized risk and cost

Our Implementation Process

LMTEQ stands as one the top choices as a ServiceNow implementation partner. Our implementation strategy ensures to align with your ROI goals and implementation priorities.

  • Our ServiceNow implementation consultants map your requirements to ServiceNow functionalities
  • Choosing the right implementation strategy that aligns with your vision and goals
  • Performing a detailed review of your capabilities to identify which processes to retain and implement
  • Tuning your IT process with your IT team
  • Recommending necessary customizations
  • Setting up your chosen CMDB before implementing additional capabilities
  • Formulating the required integrations
  • Defining KPIs for future solutions
  • Building strong management capabilities
  • Developing a user adoption strategy

We offer both functionality adjustments without any code changes as well as code based functionality changes. Additionally, we also create new standalone ServiceNow apps for your business.

Enhance business efficiency by integrating ServiceNow platforms with other systems you use. Integrations might include –

  • IT infrastructure management
  • IT service management
  • Email
  • Cloud services
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Intranets
  • Data analytics
  • Messaging platforms

As part of ITSM ServiceNow implementation, LMTEQ imports all your needed data into your new ServiceNow solution. We first analyze as to what data sources you need to import data from, be it spreadsheets, external databases, legacy ITSM tools, directory services and accounting systems. We then validate the data and migrate it to the new platform’s data model.

After the development and testing of required ServiceNow functionalities, we will be all set for production. Whether you opt for all the processes to be delivered at once or in iterations, the production scope will vary according to that.

We will provide post production support to fix errors that might occur during the rollout and also facilitate user adoption if needed.

Our Key Service Offerings

  • Enhancement
  • Automation
  • Enterprise integration
  • Managed Services
  • Administration


Considering all the nuances that might occur during ITSM ServiceNow implementation, LMTEQ’s ServiceNow implementation consultants will work with you closely to achieve measurable goals in every stage of implementation. In this way, our clients have been able to maximise their ServiceNow investments with higher ROI than expected.

We offer solutions considering the two scenarios you could be in-

  • You stick to your old ways and we heavily customize ServiceNow.
  • If your ServiceNow customizations are incompatible with new platform releases, we do customizations as recommended by Service now and provide ongoing platform maintenance

But you have low user knowledge, leading to problems at early adoption stages. We provide training and review your enquiries

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