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What is Salesforce CLI? Command line Interfaces have always retained popularity even after the introduction of Graphical user interfaces. This is because a CLI requires fewer system resources to implement. Also it features command lists that are easy to follow in order to perform a task. Here, we will look at the Salesforce Command Line Interface in greater detail.

Salesforce CLI

Some of the main uses of the Salesforce CLI are listed below:

It is structured to be enabled by ‘sfdx’ followed by a command which can be discerned from a list of commands. For example, ‘sfdx force’ displays links to a variety of resources that provide help on various concepts.

Data Loader in Salesforce

Data Loader is a client-application for importing and exporting bulk data and one can use it to insert, update, delete or export Salesforce records.
When data is being imported, the Data Loader reads, extracts and loads data from comma-separated value (CSV) files or from a database connection.
When data is being exported, it outputs CSV files. In Salesforce, there are two ways to use the data loader:

Data Loader CLI

We often find ourselves in scenarios where we need to perform data loading tasks repeatedly at a fixed time. So, in these situations use the standard data loader tool from Command line. However, it is important to note that the Salesforce Dataloader CLI is only available on Windows host platforms.
Follow these steps to use the Salesforce Dataloader CLI on a Windows machine:

Salesforce CLI download

The Salesforce CLI download procedure varies based on the host system Operating system.

By following the steps below, one can complete the download and installation procedure.

Installing the CLI on macOS:

The Salesforce CLI download is done on macOS with a .pkg file.

nstalling the CLI on Windows:
Salesforce CLI download

In conclusion, we can say that athough most users today prefer GUIs over Command line, the command line interface provides significant advantages over GUIs. In the case of the Salesforce Command Line Interface, it is easy to use, runs on low resources and does not feature a steep learning curve before use.

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