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What is Salesforce Customer 360 and why is it important? Comprehending and gaining clarity on the behavioral patterns of the customer-base of one’s business is integral to effectively gauge their buying sentiments. With the extraordinary pace at which people are beginning to utilize diverse technology mediums, consumers have now come to expect nothing but the best shopping experience/services from all of their favorite brands.

Irrespective of whether your goal, as a business, is to deliver personalized purchasing experiences, increase revenues, or lower costs, the main focus of your operations always remains constant. This objective is the accurate pinpointing of the behavioral patterns of your customer base, in order to work the coerced insights to your complete advantage! Albeit, doing so is more often than not, easier said than done.

With astonishingly large volumes of unstructured data to process, most organizations falter. They are unequipped with neither sufficient resources nor the expertise, to gain real insights that lead to real results. Instead, they settle for mediocrity, which ultimately gives rise to splintered purchasing experiences that lack consistency.

Over time, the cumulative impact of such negative experiences can have a devastating impact on a brand’s image. Released at the Connections 2019 convention in San Francisco, Salesforce Customer 360 is a tool that has transformed this process, offering businesses the chance to obtain a singular viewpoint on every one of their customers.

Armed with the exceptional MuleSoft mechanism to tap into any data source, application, and device, this extraordinary application far exceeds what an ordinary CDP (customer data platform) is capable of. It does so by broadening the scope of conventional CRM practices with superior data management and activation capabilities.

Essential Features Of Salesforce Customer 360

Click-Based User Interface

Salesforce Customer 360 features a completely click-based user interact and not a code-based one, thus making the creation of protected and stable connections between Salesforce and other external applications much easier for admins. The interface also facilitates a single view of consumer records, by storing and mapping customer’s purchasing data on the cloud.

Customer Identification

One of the most essential features of Salesforce Customer 360 which makes the cross-platform identification of customers simpler, is the Customer 360 ID. Equipped with superior capacities for data management, it can instantly update any or all changes made to a customer profile, across any cloud service/platform. All exchanges of data that might be required by the sales team while they are interacting with a particular customer, can also be accessed.

Seamless Cross-Channel Interaction

The Salesforce Customer 360 platform is comprised of packages that can be utilized in special cases, such as cart abandonment. These can provide a clear indication of a customer’s buying interest. As a result, any or all data being created in the commerce cloud platform can be applied towards improving the way in which the service cloud platform functions.

Consumer Consent Management

By making full use of the consent management framework put in place by Salesforce, businesses gain the capacity to acquire customer consent seamlessly in all areas including digital/social media advertising, email marketing, etc.

Unparalleled Audience Segmentation

Businesses can profit big-time by the 360-degree customer view provided by Salesforce through its audience segmentation features. Distinct Segments of the general populace worth targeting can be identified on the basis of their shopping/purchasing history & inclinations, demographics, web browsing habits, emails, subscriptions, etc.

Customized Consumer Engagement

The audience segmentation features of Salesforce Customer 360, in turn, offer companies the capability to apply consumer data across all marketing channels. This assists in the delivery of individualized customer engagement experiences that have greater, and more positive effects on the target audience.

Integration of AI Capabilities From Salesforce Einstein

We have already seen that real-time update of consumer profiles is made possible by Salesforce Customer 360. Companies can take this one step further, by making full use of the AI capabilities made available through the integration of the Customer 360 platform and Salesforce Einstein, and apply them to these consumer profiles. The insight acquired from this helps tremendously in elevating customer satisfaction/engagement rates via the personalized targeting of individual consumers.

Privacy Controls

Maintaining a healthy equilibrium between offering consumers phenomenal purchasing/shopping experiences and complying with privacy regulations can prove to be a tricky task for any business. While consumers seek advanced, cross-platform buying capabilities, they also seek complete control over their personal data. With the advanced verification and privacy controls of Salesforce Customer 360, businesses can now seamlessly automate their consumers’ capacity to enter, update, and delete their critical data across all platforms, at one go. This secures compliance with GDPR and similar regulations that are in place across the globe.


CIM or Customer Information Model is an unrestricted blueprint for data exchange, that is being administered by the Linux Foundation. It was instituted by the partnership between Salesforce, Genesys and Amazon, to combat the fact that the vast majority of consumer data these days, is in the hands of third-parties. The CIM facilitates the application of machine learning and data analysis algorithms through quicker consolidation of multiple third-party data channels. By handing over this control and the power that comes with it to the Linux Foundation, companies such as Salesforce, Genesys, and Amazon hope to ensure greater transparency while securing quicker processing/interpretation of consumer data.


All in all, the Customer 360 platform from Salesforce offers businesses worldwide a shot at unparalleled facilities to comprehend the purchasing habits of their customers, across multiple channels and points-of-view. This 360 customer view offered by Salesforce permits more comprehensive, customized customer engagement and targeting strategies, that were never imagined before.

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