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Did you assume your Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud to be just a simple platform that makes your online business easier? If yes, continue reading to discover the amazing features of this future-savy cloud-based E-commerce platform. 

With this B2C Commerce Cloud, the company will be completely informed of the evolving customer purchasing experiences. Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, therefore if understood in detail can help not just meet your expectations but even more than that regarding the functionality and performance. 

Here’s a mini case study to help understand its essence better. 

As a global company, you might want your customers to have access to your website from all parts of the world. But will it be possible to open separate websites for each country? Sounds tedious, right! Your B2C Commerce Cloud comes to the rescue as it’s capable of supporting different languages under the same website. Although, the cherry on top would be the bare minimum configuration required to maintain the website from a single location. 

What makes the B2C Commerce Cloud the most effective E-commerce tool? The fact that it does not only make your work easier with websites and mobile devices but also all social media platforms. Hence, it allows you to communicate and stay connected with your customers from anywhere and everywhere. 

Discover the Significant Features of the B2C Commerce Cloud that makes your job easier with Sales! 

The platform offers an extensive range of fundamental functionality and capabilities. However, here are a few of those elements that will be a perfect fit for your retail business.

  • State of Art Marketing Tools

    The platform includes some of the most effective and out-of-the-box marketing tools. Right from content creators, brand marketers to merchants may use this tool as their secret weapon to attract a huge customer/audience base. This will help create brand recognition, acceptance, and brand loyalty amongst the customers. Users of Salesforce Commerce Cloud will be able to do the A/B split testing without any prior tech knowledge to understand their audience better

  • AI-powered tailor-made Customer experience

    This platform includes Einstein’s Predictive Sort which is designed to help build customized mobile experiences. Most customers today prefer ordering through their mobile devices can make precise product recommendations that will in turn be converted into sales.

  • Open and free customization

    The Commerce Cloud gives you the full freedom and flexibility to customize customer experiences. This also includes a hassle-free checkout process within a single click. More detailed customization leads to more brand liking resulting in increased sales.E-commerce has now become the talk of the town that is expanding at an accelerated speed. Consumers want experiences that exactly match their needs, wants, and demands. Therefore, this B2C Commerce Cloud, a mobile-friendly AI-supported CRM, AI-guided research tool as well as product suggestions can take your business to the next level.We at LMTEQ focus on every aspect in detail right from the first stage of integration to the final implementation and testing.

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