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SAP Remote Support – A strategic move for organizations

  • Wondering where can you get 24*7 Remote SAP Support in order to seamlessly enable your mission-critical business?
  • Are you on the lookout for a trusted remote SAP partner who can assist you with comprehensive as well as customized solutions?
  • Do you require remote SAP support qualified consultants who can quickly troubleshoot as well as provide turn around solutions?
  • Also, are you exploring the options of affordable on-demand SAP remote services?

Why go in for Remote SAP Support?

It is convincing to many that in-house SAP support teams are better to manage and indeed it is true. This is because they are proximate and are available all the time for communication as well as feedback. And hence corrective actions are way easier, leading to better control and monitoring.

While this may be true, there is another side to it. Many enterprises today are faced with roadblocks pertaining to SAP implementation, support, and maintenance. These roadblocks hamper their mission-critical tasks and consequently the focus shifts from business management to operational patch-ups. For example:

  • The dearth of a trained in-house talent pool
  • Attrition of key talent
  • Scalability of talents which is a major concern
  • High costs of talent
  • lack of dedicated teams

Therefore, It is compulsive to stick to the current implementation of the SAP version, considering the above challenges. But as a consequence, there is no scope for innovation or implementation of advanced SAP products that may be of real use to the business. This is to say, with an outdated IT architecture, enhancing the business process improvements to adapt to the changing needs of the business could be an impossible task. The opportunity cost of not innovating is huge and hence could result in:

  • No state-of-the-art technology so as to support the mission-critical business
  • Poor SWOT position owing to lack of innovation
  • Lack of access to improved data predictions due to status quo
  • Poor decision-making capability
  • Possibility of not sustaining the competition
  • Furthermore, results in poor customer experience
  • Increased cost for consequence management, in other words, damage control
  • Finally, results in customer dissatisfaction leading to business fall out

Remote SAP Support & optimization:

Support and optimization of an organization’s SAP landscape can help one achieve operational as well as strategic objectives in the long run. For instance, it reduces the cost of recruits, maintaining qualified SAP consultants, and delivering quality outputs. But, stabilizing the SAP environment and aligning the support strategy in line with business strategy could sound a bit tedious as can be seen from the above challenges.

And certainly, there must be a smarter way out!

With this in mind, remote SAP support is the panacea that provides comprehensive SAP support solutions. And it is vital to choose the right SAP support maintenance provider in order to leverage the huge benefit that it offers.

Things to look out for in a remote SAP Support partner:

  • SAP Partnership

    The benefits of getting associated with an SAP partner is significant as it comes along with a lot of credibility and above all, adds authenticity to the entire process

  • Values and approach

    The values that your remote partner has imbibed has got a lot do with the outputs delivered. Since how something is delivered is equally important to what is delivered!

  • Expert SAP Consulting services

    Your Remote SAP support partner must be in an expert position to advise what areas of the business can benefit from new processes and systems. Further, guide on implementing the changes along with a cost-benefit analysis.

  • Quality of the tech talents

    Assess the quality of the tech talent pool of the SAP partner, since they are captains of change engineering for the business.

  • Unique offerings

    Get to know the unique offerings that the remote partner offers.For instance, the services at the time of upgrades and redesigns. Also, look into the Industry specific customized offerings and support that they prescribe and promise.

  • SLA agreements

    It is important that critical tasks are rendered and attended to on time and a slight delay in delivery could lead to significant losses and hence the agreed response time is a critical factor while choosing a remote partner.

  • Dedicated account manager

    How important you are considered is a key and check whether you are provided with a dedicated account manager who will be a single point of contact to address issues, communicate and get things done.

  • Dedicated remote SAP support engineer

    Some partners allocate dedicated remote SAP support engineers who are available to provide them SAP assistance and also train their internal teams and empower them with knowledge sharing and simulations.

  • 24*7 remote assistance

    It is in fact the most important factor, while operating with business partners from a different time zone. Availability of the remote support partner all the time is a must.

  • Security of data

    It is vital that your remote partner creates the right infrastructure to maintain data security.

  • 360-degree remote support

    SAP optimization can involve functional, technical, managed, and process improvements, catching up with your team for continuous progress update and enhancement. Ascertain if your partner can provide that holistic solution to make you them feel as if they are just beside you.

  • Post Implementation support

    Check for the continued support even after the project has been implemented and check the years of guaranteed service that they offer.

To sum up the whole thing, focus on the 5 factors while choosing your remote SAP partner

  • Value offerings
  • Quality assurance
  • Cost
  • Talent
  • Continuous support

Looking for the right Partner for SAP Remote Services ?

We are an SAP technology partner providing the best SAP support services and we also provide remote SAP support in addition to other services. With our rich experience in offering valuable SAP IT support, we understand your unique requirements and travel with you through your entire SAP journey. You can have access to our highly skilled professionals who can provide comprehensive solutions and help you resolve any issues in the SAP framework.

In order to provide effective support to our clients, we have adopted the proven ITIL -The Information Technology Infrastructure Library standards. It is a set of proven methodologies and standards that define an integrated, process-based approach for managing IT services as well as support. This standard can be applied across every type of IT ecosystem and stresses service quality and focuses on how Information Technology services can be efficiently and effectively provided and supported.

Our Unique Value proposition

  • Partnership Approach
  • Secured IT Infrastructure
  • Flexible models onshore as well as offshore
  • Skilled tech team
  • Business expertise and excellence
  • Tools & accelerators
  • Technical & commercial scalability
  • Proven methodology
  • Comprehensive services
  • Application of best practices
  • Rich SAP experience

Our SAP offerings:

We offer services in the areas of:

  • S/4HANA Migration: We help in system conversion from SAP ERP to S/4HANA ensuring a risk-free transition.
  • SAP S/4HANA CVI Synchronization: Our SAP experts are specialized in converting customer and vendor master data from ECC to S/4HANA business partner data model with accuracy and integrity maintained.
  • SAP Master Data Governance: We help you create, change, distribute, and consolidate master data across your enterprise system landscape with data quality preserved. LMTEQ’s MDG experts are specialized in offering best in class SAP MDG services.
  • SAP CX: We work on personalizing the customer experience, making every touchpoint simple and effortless.
  • SAP Fiori: We offer Fiori as a service to fortify any legacy application making the UI simpler and easy to use. We offer industry-specific solutions that work best for every unique business requirement.
  • SAP Testing: Our SAP consultants at LMTEQ work on proposing effective test designs for different test cases focusing on performance, security, and functionality.
  • SAP Support Service: We provide support for SAP products, enabling you to continue running your existing SAP Business Suite until and beyond the mainstream support provided by SAP,  without the need for upgrades or enhancement packs thereby saving on your investments. The following are the detailed support services that we offer

Functional Support

General support


  • Provide functional support as per the agreed SLA norms
  • Troubleshooting with reference to erroneous business practices
  • Trouble shooting of failure with regard to implemented functionality
  • Minor changes in functionality mapping and also reports
  • End User Training on need basis
  • Develop functional specifications for minor enhancements
  • Resolve any data related discrepancy
  • Documenting any configuration changes as per Standards
  • Resolve functional issues and also SAP process with regard to queries raised by end users
  • Resolve integration issues with other SAP modules
  • Conduct impact analysis and update documentation and follow communication strategy to affected parties if any.

Process Improvement

Analysis of existing processes, identification of gaps,recommendation on areas requirement improvement


Develop and maintain appropriate documentation for knowledge management.

Business Enhancement Roadmap Advise

We analyse and understand the business needs of and prepare a clear IT road map to address all future requirements


Technical Support

General support

  • Provide support as per the agreed SLA norms
  • Bug fixes to the enhancements made
  • Development of new Reports / Conversion Programs
  • Minor Enhancements
  • Develop technical specs for new technical development
  • Develop interface codes to meet Functional Specifications
  • Optimize custom developed programs wherever feasible to improve the performance

Test Customer specific objects as and when required

Develop and maintain appropriate documentation for knowledge management.

Patch Update
Analyzing and applying SAP patches on a periodical basis based on requirements.

Performance Tuning
SAP Support Team will analyze the performance of the SAP system on a regular basis in terms of database growth, hardware utilization, transactions, etc.

To fix bugs/issues found in standard programs, relevant OSS notes will be identified and applied. If OSS notes are not available, messages will be raised
to SAP with priority.

SAP Security Checks
The activities include protecting the system from hardware problems to maintain its integrity and restoring it in the event of a disaster, preventing unauthorized access, complying with regulations, etc.

Backup and Restore of SAP systems
Full or incremental or differential backup on a periodical basis based on certain parameters as well as requirements.

Client Copies
LMTEQ Basis consultant will do/ support client copies of SAP system as and when required.

Managed support

  • Application maintenance support
  • Security support services
  • Installation & upgrade process support
  • Global tax, legal and regulatory updates

The key benefits of our SAP remote services & support

  • Adaptable SAP AMS support models suited for your requirements
  • Well-defined Service level agreements
  • Quick TAT
  • 24*7 remote assistance
  • Mission critical support
  • And also Industry specific consulting
  • Reduced downtime
  • Continuous quality checks
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Also a dedicated remote SAP support engineer
  • Above all, minimum 15 years of assured support

Staff Augmentation: We also offer personalized services to our clients, by providing skilled and qualified remote SAP support engineers and SAP consultants with hands on experience who can help you meet your business goals for instance:

    • Custom development
    • Improved performance especially through business automation
    • Fast turnaround in diagnosis and troubleshooting
    • Also, empower internal teams with adequate training
    • Finally, Great simulation sessions and knowledge sharing

We follow a strict screening procedure in order to ensure that our consultants are fully qualified. More than 50% of our SAP consultants are SAP Certified and they come with broad industry and domain experience. The pipeline for consultants across skillsets is maintained to ensure quick mobilization.

Get to benefit from a well-designed HR policy that has helped us retain the best talent in the business without facing high attrition risks. Also, we provide periodic training to help our consultants, engineers to constantly raise the bar in terms of skills and knowledge, which is key for creating value-driven project execution.

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