I.T Admin

Project Location(s): Chennai


  • Assisting in the IT recruitment process for new staff.
  • Frontline and continuous technical support for office and staff (including remote staff).
  • Setting up hardware, operating systems, and software for laptops and printers.
  • Basic network installation and troubleshooting connections.
  • Storage of conference and communication facilities (eg Zoom rooms).
  • Manage software licenses and subscriptions such as Adobe, Microsoft / Office 365, etc.
  • Managing Google Workspaces (G Suite) accounts.
  • Order new equipment and maintain inventory standards.
  • Following advanced IT security procedures.
  • Develop, monitor, and maintain systems and processes for support and recovery.
  • Solve IT problems as needed, which can happen outside of normal working hours.
  • Keeping the network room organized.
  • Keeping records of IT office infrastructure, standard operating procedures, and tracking / managing assets.
  • Calendar Management: Should be able to independently manage complex calendars by prioritizing meetings.
  • Travel Management: Plan and manage the destination to complete the trip in accordance with Travel Desk for airport, hotel, visa, forex, land travel, building access etc. by contacting the Travel Desk to ensure the convenience of a smooth ride.
  • Occasionally go inside the city to provide confidential documents
  • From time to time travel within the city to arrange for the provision of offices

Skills Needed

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
  • Excellent communication skills in Tamil
  • The ability to communicate and communicate, with a large number of viewers
  • Exemplary skills for human interaction and network communication
  • Strong awareness of privacy and security requirements.
  • You are familiar with MS Excel and MS Word
  • The ability to handle multiple tasks while staying organized

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