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Optimizing Global Procurement – A SAP Ariba Downstream Module


In the dynamic realm of global consulting and auditing, a meticulous procurement process is paramount. This case study delves into a sophisticated internal project led by a prominent Global Consulting Client and the LMTEQ team. The focus is on the strategic implementation of the SAP Ariba Downstream module, with a keen emphasis on the integration of on-premise (SAP S/4 HANA) and on-cloud environments (SAP Ariba) across 54 countries.


This project’s core objective was to orchestrate a seamless integration of on-premise and on-cloud environments, specifically deploying the SAP Ariba Downstream module. Addressing supply chain procurement complexities across 54 countries, the project targeted a diverse spectrum of materials, ranging from stationary to software. The overarching goal was to refine and optimize the entire life cycle of the procurement process by implementing the SAP Ariba Downstream module.

Challenges and Pain Points

Two formidable challenges emerged during the integration. Firstly, a robust language barrier complicated the communication of Ariba’s intricate functionalities across diverse linguistic landscapes. Secondly, the absence of a standardized procurement process hindered collaborative efforts with clients in various countries, posing a unique set of technical challenges.

Overcoming Challenges

To tackle the language barrier, the team strategically integrated translation software, notably relying on Google Translate. This ensured precise and effective communication in diverse linguistic contexts. Simultaneously, the technical team initiated proactive engagements with clients worldwide, utilizing iterative strategies to resolve complex technical issues. Persistent efforts were crucial to establishing a common ground and understanding.


The successful deployment of the SAP Ariba Downstream module  in an on-cloud environment for 26 countries has yielded substantial technical outcomes, measured by the following metrics:

  • Operational Time Reduction  : Achieved a 20% reduction in the time taken for the procure-to-order process

  • Maintenance Cost Optimization  : Achieved a 20% reduction in the time taken for the procure-to-order process

  • Productivity Enhancement   :  experienced a 25% increase in overall team productivity due to efficient collaboration and reduced manual intervention.

  • Downtime Reduction  :  Witnessed an impressive 30% decrease in system downtime, ensuring uninterrupted procurement operations.

  • SAP Integration Efficiency :  Achieved a 30% improvement in SAP S/4 HANA to SAP Ariba integration efficiency, ensuring seamless data flow between the two systems.

  • Technical Issue Resolution :  Reduced technical issue resolution time by 40%, enhancing overall system reliability and performance.

  • Procurement Process Optimization :  Realized a 25% increase in the efficiency of procurement processes, particularly within the SAP Ariba Downstream module.

  • Cross-System Data Accuracy :   Ensured a 95% accuracy in data synchronization between SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Ariba, minimizing discrepancies in procurement operations.


In conclusion, this case study illuminates the technical intricacies and accomplishments of the transition from on-premise to on-cloud procurement across 54 countries. The utilization of advanced technology, coupled with strategic efforts to surmount language barriers, has resulted in a seamless SAP Ariba implementation. This serves as a technical testament to our teams’ commitment to global efficiency, redefining and enhancing the technical facets of the procurement life cycle for the client. 

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