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Optimizing Sales Performance – Bridging Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics with Korn Ferry Sell


In the dynamic realm of sales, the integration of robust sales methodologies with cutting-edge technology is pivotal for enhancing performance. With the LMTEQ’s team assistance, the client wanted to improve their sales performance by integrating Korn Ferry Sell into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This case study delves into the implementation of the application and how the team overcame several challenges presented during the implementation project. 

The Objective

The project aims to enhance sales performance by strategically integrating Korn Ferry Sell into the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics environment. Key technical objectives include:

  • Driving Seller Actions

    Utilizing data analytics to recommend specific, high-impact actions for sellers, increasing the likelihood of deal success.

  • Replicating Successful Deals

    Employing intelligent algorithms to identify and replicate successful deal structures and methodologies, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

  • Changing Deal Outcomes

    Leveraging real-time insights and adaptive technologies to dynamically influence and improve deal outcomes during the sales process.

The overarching objective is to empower the client’s sales teams with actionable insights, replicable success strategies, and adaptive capabilities, ultimately increasing overall sales performance.

Challenges and Pain Points

During the project, our team faced the following challenges:

Mapping and Aligning Data Structures

Aligning data structures, fields, and formats between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics presented a formidable challenge.

Synchronization and Data Quality

Ensuring seamless data synchronization while maintaining high data quality across both CRM systems posed a significant hurdle.

Leveraging Sales Performance Tools

Effectively leveraging the diverse sales performance tools available with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems for improved sales efficiency was a complex task.

Overcoming Challenges

Our team strategically came up with the following solutions to overcome the challenges present during the project.

Highly Normalized Data Model

A highly normalized and optimized data model was crafted to accurately map and align data structures between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Integration with Heroku, Node.js, and REST API

The integration solution utilized Heroku, Node.js, and REST API to synchronize and integrate data seamlessly between the two CRM systems.

Data Quality Maintenance

Out-of-the-box data quality tools and custom algorithms were employed to maintain the integrity of the synchronized data.

Leveraging Sales Performance Tools

Korn Ferry Sell tapped into Salesforce performance management tools such as Sales Planning, Einstein AI recommendations, Customer Centric Alignment, and Intelligent Territory Assignment to enhance overall sales performance.

The Result

The implementation of Korn Ferry Sell yielded substantial improvements, evidenced by the monitored metrics:


In summary, the team strategically navigated through formidable data integration challenges, skillfully harnessing the complete array of sales tools inherent in top-tier CRM systems. The application of Korn Ferry Sell has not just addressed technical hurdles but has translated into measurable advancements, affirming the team’s commitment to elevating sales performance to new heights.

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