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Streamlining Development Processes – Overcoming Challenges in SAP Fiori and Infocube Management


In the fast-paced world of enterprise software development, efficiency and precision are paramount. Our client– a giant Fortune 500 company aims to streamline the Infocube management process and optimize the SAP Fiori application with the LMTEQ team’s assistance. This case study explores a project faced with complexities in handling SAP Fiori and Infocube functionalities, shedding light on the challenges encountered and the innovative solutions implemented to overcome them.

The Objective

  • The primary technical objective of the project was to optimize SAP Fiori applications and refine Infocube management processes. Specifically, the team aimed to enhance the efficiency and performance of the Excel download functionality within Fiori, ensuring seamless integration with OData calls.

  • Additionally, the goal was to revamp the Infocube delete program by introducing new screens, validations, and delete logic while addressing configuration intricacies. The project aimed to achieve these technical enhancements with a focus on precision and adherence to best practices in SAP development.

Challenges and Pain Points

The project encountered intricate technical challenges, reflecting the complexity of the assigned tasks and the divergence in technical approaches among team members

Excel Download Functionality Enhancement

  • Complex Data Population Logic

    Implementing dynamic columns and intricate data population logic in the initial webdynpro application introduced technical intricacies that required meticulous attention.

  • Transition to OData Call

    The shift from the initial webdynpro approach to leveraging OData calls demanded a meticulous reevaluation of data handling and an overhaul of the existing data-intensive calculation logic.

Infocube Management System Refinement

  • New Screens and Validations

     Introducing new screens and validations in the Infocube delete program overhaul demanded precise technical implementation, ensuring seamless integration with the existing system.

  • Configuration Ambiguity

    Lack of documentation and communication regarding a crucial configuration added a layer of technical complexity, requiring in-depth analysis to uncover and resolve.

Overcoming Challenges

Excel Download Functionality Enhancement

  • Technical Refactoring

    Responding to feedback, the team strategically refactored code for OData call integration, optimizing data retrieval and dynamic column handling.

Infocube Management System Refinement

  • Data Optimization

    Leveraging asynchronous data fetching and parallel processing reduced data retrieval times, enhancing the responsiveness of the Excel download functionality.

  • Dynamic Screen Integration

    Meticulous integration of new screens and validations using SAP's UI development tools ensured a seamless user experience.

  • Configuration Management

    Introduced a centralized configuration management system, resolving ambiguity and providing scalable solutions for future configurations. 


Infocube Delete Program

  • Resolution Time

    Identification and clarification of the configuration reduced issue resolution time by 40%.

  • User Satisfaction

    User feedback indicated a 25% increase in satisfaction with the new Infocube management system.

Excel Download Functionality

  • Reduction in Development Time

    The transition from the initial webdynpro approach to the OData call method resulted in a 30% reduction in overall development time.

  • Error Rate

    Reworks and errors decreased by 20% post-implementation, showcasing improved accuracy


This case study highlights the importance of adaptability and effective communication in overcoming challenges in SAP Fiori and Infocube management. By reevaluating and redesigning approaches, clarifying configurations, and fostering agile development, the team not only addressed immediate issues but also laid the foundation for a more efficient and collaborative development process in the future for the client.

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