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Transforming Financial Operations: AR/TM Process Enhanced With SAP ABAP


LMTEQ’s team collaborated with our client, a prominent Fortune 500 company renowned for its expertise in audit, consulting, and tax services, to carry out the project aimed at enhancing the current AR/TM process. This case study explores the intricacies of the AR/TM initiative—a comprehensive effort crafted for implementing and advancing Accounts Receivable and Treasury Management processes.

The Objective

The AR/TM project aimed to implement and enhance processes related to Accounts Receivable and Treasury Management. The focus included resolving challenges associated with the dunning process and email notifications by implementing a solution that consolidates emails based on predefined criteria and streamlines forms for country-specific requirements.

Challenges and Pain Points

Embarking on its journey, the project demonstrated a keen awareness of the multifaceted challenges embedded in the existing financial processes. The primary hurdles revolved around the intricate nature of dunning and email notifications, demanding meticulous attention to detail and innovative problem-solving.

  • Complex Dunning Processes

Delays and inefficiencies were faced in complex dunning processes, necessitating tailored strategies to align with diverse financial scenarios. Our team aimed to design a system that streamlines dunning and dynamically adapts to varying regional financial landscapes.

  • Email Notification Overload

The challenge stemmed from fragmented email notifications, necessitating consolidation based on specific criteria for efficient and relevant communication. The team aimed to enhance communication efficiency while avoiding redundancy.

  • Form Fragmentation for Country-Specific Needs

Fragmented forms were needed for country-specific finances, hindering a standardized approach. Balancing customization with standardization posed a challenge as the team adapted forms to meet unique country requirements while maintaining an overarching operational framework.

Overcoming the Challenges

Our team addressed complex challenges with a strategic approach:

Streamlining Dunning Processes

  • The Approach – Leveraged debugging tools and in-depth research to identify and enhance key areas.

  • Outcome – Developed a dynamically adaptable system by optimizing existing code and implementing streamlined algorithms.

Email Consolidation

  • The Approach – Implemented automated SAP ABAP scripts and filters based on specific criteria

  • Outcome – Established a systematic consolidation mechanism, reducing redundancy and ensuring relevant financial information reached stakeholders efficiently.

Customization-Standardization Balance

  • The Approach – Employed a flexible modular architecture, allowing for country-specific customization within a standardized framework.

  • Outcome – Created a configurable system that dynamically adjusted forms to meet unique country needs while adhering to a standardized data structure.


The team implemented the AR/TM project, yielding notable results in transforming financial operations for our client. The consolidation of emails for dunning and notifications, coupled with the merging of country-specific forms, streamlined processes, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Email Consolidation Efficiency

Successfully achieved a 40% reduction in email volume through consolidation, resulting in a more focused and organized communication channel.

Form Merger Success

Successfully merged country-specific forms, reducing form complexity and improving user experience by 30%


The AR/TM project undertaken by our team serves as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic implementation and development in addressing complex financial challenges. By overcoming hurdles related to dunning and email notifications, our client has not only streamlined its financial operations but also positioned itself for future growth and adaptability.

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