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ServiceNow Knowledge24 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Get ready for ServiceNow Knowledge24 –  the pinnacle of technological innovation! As the countdown commences for this highly anticipated event, we are delighted to announce that LMTEQ will actively participate in the conference at the Venetian Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, 

We are thrilled to engage with IT professionals and industry leaders and discuss in detail how ServiceNow Gen-AI is revolutionizing business on a global scale. 

Join our  CEO, Mr. Manavalan Karunanithi,at the upcoming ServiceNow event to learn about leveraging Gen-AI for innovation within your organization.

Take this opportunity to connect with

Mr. Manavalan Karunanithi, CEO of LMTEQ,
and share your ideas and insights on unlocking the full potential of ServiceNow platform. 

    “ServiceNow’s Gen AI signals a transformative wave in the technology realm, set to redefine norms and revolutionize the way we engage with innovation.”

    -Manavalan Karunanithi

    Founder CEO of LMTEQ

    Let's network and strategize before the ServiceNow Knowledge24

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