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We are all aware that the ServiceNow product suite is not just large, but enormous. The platform provides enterprise-wide solutions, frequently with industry-specific capabilities. Because of this, we know that it can be difficult to remain mindful of everything the company offers, particularly if a portion of the platform only applies to you and your job function. 

ServiceNow’s latest invention is Legal Service Delivery; their internal division is wholly focused on developing new concepts for digital processes driven by the Now Platform. They introduced a simple legal process in early 2015 that routes employee legal queries, and they ended up with over 200 clients adopting a customized version of the platform to better serve their needs.

This demonstrated that there was a market for legal workflow technologies. ServiceNow serves as ‘Customer Zero’ for the company’s Legal Service Delivery experiment, assisting their own legal staff in managing requests more effectively, better understanding capacity, and identifying possibilities for self-service and automation.

  • What is Legal Service Delivery ?

    It refers to the process of providing legal services to clients, which encompasses a range of activities performed by law firms, legal departments, or legal service providers. It involves the management and execution of tasks such as legal research, document preparation, contract administration, litigation support, legal counsel, and more. Legal service delivery aims to ensure that clients receive high-quality, timely, and effective legal assistance in addressing their legal needs.The concept extends beyond individual legal tasks and involves the overall management and coordination of legal services. It includes various components such as client intake and management, matter and case management, document and knowledge management, collaboration and communication, legal project management, and reporting and analytics.

  • Why do you need Legal Service Delivery?

    Businesses are shifting quicker than ever due to digital revolution or macroeconomic trends and crises. They need legal services to speed up sales cycles, launch new products, acquire people, build new channels and collaborations, and more. Legal operations must supply services quicker and decrease risk without slowing down the business.Legal velocity begins with an omni-channel self-service experience for workers to acquire answers to basic queries and guide them to practise area intake forms that demand legal knowledge. Now Platform digital processes route and prioritise legal practise specialists to increase team productivity, speed, and legal risk by eliminating back-end complexity.ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery digitises email and spreadsheet procedures. Legal may easily collaborate with other departments like IT, workplace services, finance, and HR because they utilise the Now Platform too. Transparency into service expectations and trends helps legal operations leaders adjust and optimise their legal transformation journey.

  • What are the main components of legal service delivery?

    Client intake and management, matter and case management, document and knowledge management, collaboration and communication, legal project management, and reporting and analytics are essential components.

  • What technologies are commonly employed in LSD?

    Case management systems, document management systems, e-discovery tools, contract management software, legal research platforms, and communication and collaboration tools are commonplace in legal service delivery.

  • What are the advantages of legal service delivery for law firms and legal departments?

    Efficient LSD can improve productivity, reduce costs, increase client satisfaction, consolidate processes, increase transparency, facilitate effective collaboration, and provide actionable insights for improved decision-making.

  • How is legal project management incorporated into legal service delivery?

    Legal project management entails the application of project management principles and techniques to legal matters. It facilitates the efficient planning and execution of legal initiatives, the effective management of resources, the establishment of realistic budgets and deadlines, and the delivery of value to clients.

  • What role does client collaboration play in the provision of legal service?

    Collaboration with clients is essential in the implementation because it promotes transparency, aligns expectations, and improves the overall client experience. Between clients and legal professionals, collaborative tools and platforms facilitate real-time communication, document sharing, and feedback exchange.

  • How can clients be assured data confidentiality and security?

    Robust Security Measures: ServiceNow implements industry-standard security measures, including encryption, access controls, and secure data storage systems. These safeguards protect sensitive client information from unauthorized access.

    Compliance with Data Protection Laws: ServiceNow adheres to data protection laws and regulations, ensuring that client data is handled in accordance with legal requirements and industry best practices.

  • How can providers of legal services evaluate the effectiveness of their LSD?

    Various metrics, including client satisfaction surveys, efficiency indicators (e.g., time and cost reductions), adherence to service-level agreements, client retention rates, and feedback from internal stakeholders, can be used to evaluate the success of legal service delivery.

Key advantages and Takeaways from Legal Service Delivery

LMTEQ and ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery provide an unmatched solution for companies seeking to improve their legal service. This potent combination enables businesses to automate operations, enhance compliance, obtain valuable insights, and ultimately achieve greater business outcomes. Organizations can streamline operations, reduce risks, ensure legal compliance, and make data-driven decisions by leveraging the capabilities of AI-driven contract management and intelligent workflows. 

ServiceNow implementation services further enhance the effectiveness of Legal Service Delivery by providing expert guidance and support throughout the implementation process. These services ensure that organizations can harness the full potential of ServiceNow’s platform, customize it to their specific legal requirements, and seamlessly integrate it into their existing workflows. With right ServiceNow implementation services, you are half way through the successful legal service delivery.

The future of providing legal services is here. Transform your legal operations and witness firsthand the effectiveness of automation and intelligent workflows.

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