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1. First, Identify if the SAP service provider can fulfill your requirements and needs

First and foremost, a good and reliable SAP service provider must have an appropriate SAP setup services as well as a team of experts. They must be in a position to provide the appropriate level of support and service  you need. Also, SAP partner companies should have the most knowledgeable SAP Consultants in addition to  high-end, secure IT infrastructure in order to provide quality service.

2. Second, Evaluate their knowledge and expertise on the services that they offer

Make sure you are choosing an experienced and especially an authenticated partner who has a high level of skills and expertise  to meet your unique requirements. Furthermore, SAP partner companies should be in a position to understand your needs and articulate your business goals.

3. Third, Ensure they deliver more than the standard implementation

SAP partner companies should be able to offer customization across wide range of services they provide especially, with an approach to bring in high ROI to your business.

4. Further, Evaluate their Industry Knowledge

Every industry comes with its unique set of business needs and  also customization requirements. Its important that the SAP partner company has experienced SAP consultants particularly with Industry exposure.

5. Also, Validate SAP certification as well as authenticity

Ensure that your potential SAP provider is a certified SAP partner particularly one who is dedicated to constant skill and competency upgrades. Hence, ensure that they have the necessary partnership certification for an authenticated service and support.

6. SAP Partner Center of Expertise Accreditation(PCoEA)

Another important attribute for choosing SAP partner companies is certainly the accreditation to SAP’s Center of Expertise. This is because the certification is now made a mandatory process to prove their mettle. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your potential partner possesses the badge.

7. Finally, check the Service-level agreement

Last but not least, a well-informed service-level agreement helps control and establish the relationship between the client and the service provider. Above all, It stands for agreeing to deliver a specific cut of services or to meet business goals.

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