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Easy Enhancement Workbench in SAP CRM

Every business has different requirements. Especially in the CRM On-Premise world, there are immense business scenarios/requirements which are unique in its own way. Hence the vanilla CRM solution offered by any standard brand would not be in a readily consumable state for the CRM customers. As a result, Easy Enhancement Workbench in SAP CRM comes into the picture. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it helps SAP CRM customers in detail.

Custom Extension Requirements

Every customer has considerable custom extension requirements in prominent areas of CRM like:

In such above-mentioned processes, the customers usually encounter custom extension scenarios in the aspects of



Businesses working with SAP CRM use the GUI based tool called Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEWB) for the creation of new custom fields to any CRM object for an end to end extension (UI to Backend Model).

The Easy Enhancement Workbench is used to increase the SAP object. This device could be very useful for extending a preferred SAP Object without doing every assignment separately. This tool creates code for display in addition to extending all of the interfaces that are available for that object.

Also, with the launch of SAP CRM 7.0, a WEB UI based extension tool was introduced by SAP called Application Enhancement Tool (AET) for the creation of custom fields in the business data model. It is an upgraded version of EEWB and is integrated with the UI Configuration Tool.

Firstly, SAP CRM AET is easy to use and was mainly designed to add custom fields to any CRM object with ease. Therefore, anybody with basic CRM knowledge can use AET to add custom fields. Furthermore, AET supports Mobile, Drop Downs, Advanced Search, Search Result List, BW extensions and F4 helps to be incorporated with the field from the UI itself.


AET is mainly designed with the idea of simplifying the adding custom fields to any CRM object.

AET has many advantages over the older version EEWB. Some of which are-

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