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Integration, Insights, and Efficiency

Achieved With LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Data Center Solution!

Discover unparalleled enhancements for your data center operations with our ServiceNow Data center solution solution. From meticulous data center asset management to proactive incident handling, our integration ensures optimized performance, informed decision-making, and minimized downtime, empowering your data center environment for peak efficiency.

Our Offerings in ServiceNow DC Assets

Incorporating our ServiceNow Data Center solution (DCSM) elevates the capabilities of data centers across various areas. It offers extensive insight into data center operations by configuring, tracking, and monitoring the data center infrastructure system, electrical systems, mechanical components, and critical spares. This fosters informed decision-making based on data and facilitates smooth management of every facet of the data center environment.


Integrating our ServiceNow DCSM with existing BMS (Building Management System) and various monitoring tools like VMS(Visitor Management System), surveillance systems, and EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) enhances data center capabilities for proactive monitoring and incident management. This enables automatic detection and escalation of issues in near real-time. Furthermore, our solution provides advanced analytics and reporting features, empowering organizations to gain actionable insights, optimize performance, and make informed decisions for the continual improvement of building infrastructure operations and management within the data center environment.


Our ServiceNow DCSM equips data centers with the ability to set up alerts for a spectrum of electrical abnormalities, ensuring prompt notification to the appropriate operators. Additionally, our solution facilitates the creation of tailored reports and dashboards for monitoring the electrical equipment’s health through seamless integration with BMS. Moreover, it enables forecasting of future electrical needs by analyzing historical data, thus enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the electrical infrastructure.


By integrating our ServiceNow Data Center Solution with EMS, other monitoring tools, and sensors, you gain comprehensive insights into temperature, humidity, airflow, and other key data points throughout the data center. This includes monitoring and managing your HVAC and cooling systems, ensuring optimal conditions and efficiency. You can also configure alerts for real-time updates, which allows for the timely resolution of incident tickets and proactive maintenance to maintain ideal performance.

Critical Spares

With our ServiceNow DCSM solution, you can streamline critical spare management effortlessly. It supports the creation of custom forms for requesting specific types of spares, implements approval routing, automates notifications for a transparent request lifecycle, and generates dashboards and reports for critical spare allocations.

Manage your DC asset in a unified platform with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow DCSM Solution.

Benefits of Our ServiceNow DC Asset

Improved Efficiency

Automates tasks, centralizes data, and streamlines workflows for faster response times and less manual effort.

Proactive Management

Facilitates real-time monitoring and alerts for early detection and resolution of potential issues before they escalate.

Better Decision Making

 Provides actionable insights, and data-driven dashboards and reports to optimize performance and make informed choices.

Enhanced Transparency

Offers a centralized platform and automated notifications for clear visibility into data center operations.

Reduced Downtime

Proactive maintenance and faster issue resolution lead to less downtime and improved data center uptime.

Our Value Add-Ons

Why Choose LMTEQ as a
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  • Certified ServiceNow Professionals.
  • Expertise in Implementation and Integration.
  • Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs.
  • Time-Zone Aligned Support.
  • Top-Notch Ongoing Support and Optimization Services.