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Transforming Data Center Dynamics

LMTEQ's Solution Delivers Efficiency, Security, and Value.

LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Data Center Solution provides seamless complete oversight and management of critical data center services. Through tailored dashboards and robust reporting, it enables comprehensive monitoring of space, rack utilization, power consumption metrics, and more, fostering informed decision-making. Additionally, seamless integration with security systems ensures enhanced data center security and compliance.

Our Offerings in ServiceNow DC Services

LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Data Center Solution is meticulously crafted to offer an unmatched, cohesive platform, seamlessly empowering users to configure, track, and monitor a spectrum of data center services. Our solution delivers comprehensive oversight from space availability and power consumption to incident alerts and change control. Accessible through tailored dashboards and robust reporting capabilities, it ensures streamlined management and optimal performance across the board.

Space and Rack

Integrating our ServiceNow Data Center Solution with existing tools like EMS (Environmental Monitoring System), BMS (Building Management System), and other IoT devices, enables comprehensive monitoring of space utilization metrics. This includes rack occupancy and placement, cable density, airflow, temperature, and humidity across different areas. Additionally, it facilitates accurate forecasting of future space and rack requirements based on planned deployments and service workloads.


Our solution integrates with power monitoring tools, and billing systems, and provides stakeholders with detailed dashboards and reports. This allows for accurate power consumption tracking, historical usage trends, and informed decision-making based on power-related metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Data Center Energy Index (DCEI), and more.


Within our ServiceNow Data Center solution, seamless integration with a multitude of security systems, including surveillance, computer networks, and data encryption protocols, fortifies data center assets against unauthorized access, cyber threats, and potential breaches. By orchestrating these security measures, we ensure comprehensive protection and bolster the integrity of sensitive data housed within the data center environment.

Ensure Seamless DC Operation and Maximum Efficiency with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Data Center Solution.

Benefits of Our ServiceNow DC Service

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Our ServiceNow Data Center Solution enhances performance with efficient management and oversight. It leads to reduced downtime, quicker incident resolution, and cost savings.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our solution's tailored dashboards and reporting empower stakeholders with accurate data for informed decisions. This supports proactive planning, better resource allocation, and adaptability, leading to improved agility and competitiveness.

Cost Optimization

Our solution optimizes costs by monitoring space and power usage. Forecasting needs and tracking trends help data centers reduce waste and operational expenses for long-term savings.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

 Security integration protects data center assets and ensures compliance, mitigating risks and safeguarding sensitive data to avoid penalties.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining optimal performance and reliability in data center services enhances customer satisfaction. Reduced downtime and improved service quality boost loyalty, retention, and positive referrals.

Our Value Add-Ons

Why Choose LMTEQ as a
ServiceNow Service Provider?

  • Certified ServiceNow Professionals.
  • Expertise in Implementation and Integration.
  • Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs.
  • Time-Zone Aligned Support.
  • Top-Notch Ongoing Support and Optimization Services.