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LMTEQ’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud - We help you to connect with your customers anytime, anywhere.

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LMTEQ’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Where Technology Meets Retail

Bestowing customers with an impeccable shopping experience is a coveted aspiration for every business. At LMTEQ, we craft a detailed technical roadmap to help your company amplify its e-commerce capabilities and enhance the customer experience through Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

We assure you customized exposure across physical and digital channels, benefiting both businesses and customers, while also providing multi-platform options for effective customer engagement.

Mastering E-Commerce Evolution: Elevate, Innovate, and Excel

Ready to Transform Your E-commerce Business

Relish the Benefits of our Salesforce Commerce Services

  • Social Media Harmony: Effectively manage all your social media platforms simultaneously, ensuring streamlined and efficient management.

  • Social Media Harmony: Handle massive content volumes with ease, ensuring your customers get the latest updates.

  • Product Brilliance: From customer preferences to revenue insights, conquer every facet of product management..

  • AI-Driven Recommendations : Transform shopping for both consumers and businesses with smart product suggestions that captivate and clarify.

  • Precision Promotion Control :   Maintain a competitive edge through insightful competition analysis and the execution of targeted promotions that consistently achieve their intended goals.

  •  Instant Checkout : Save time with one-tap payments, making transactions quicker than ever.

  • Smart Price Insights :  Master sales distribution and pricing for optimized product placement and profitability.

Why Choose LMTEQ as the
Salesforce Service Provider

  • Official Salesforce Partner.
  • Cutting-edge Salesforce + AI solutions.
  • Certified Salesforce Experts.
  • Customizable services from implementation to ongoing support.
  • Customer-Centric Approach.
  • Round-the-clock support (time-zone based)
  • Global Presence.