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With LMTEQ CPQ Salesforce or Configure Price Quote services, gain accurate pricing at any product configuration situation.

Salesforce CPQ Services

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Fast Quote, Faster Growth, All-In-One Place With LMTEQ’s Salesforce CPQ Services.

With LMTEQ CPQ Salesforce or Configure Price Quote services, gain accurate pricing at any product configuration situationOur Salesforce experts help you automate your CPQ process with either out-of-the-box solutions or custom integrations that enable you to work from anywhere or on preferred devices and maximize your sales. Rely on our Salesforce CPQ services to equip your sales (and marketing) team to create a faster, more controlled process for handling customers with a perfect quote.

A dashboard showcasing various sales and service metrics in Salesforce CPQ.

Accurate Quotes, Every Time with

LMTEQ’s Salesforce CPQ  Implementation Services

Product Catalog

With the product catalog, get a robust digital inventory that stores all your products and services in one place. We help your team customize the product catalog if needed and enable your sales team to find, configure, and sell the right product to customers.
The sales window in Salesforce CPQ instance showcasing the different products in the product catalog section.

We help you create a product catalog with the following :

  • Organized listing,
  • Detailed product description,
  • Configurations,
  • Bundling,
  • Pricing rules for better customer experience.

Advanced Approvals

Enhance the standard approval process by making it more flexible, and automated with our Salesforce CPQ services. With it, your team can manage complex approval workflows by ensuring all necessary approvals are obtained before a quote is generated. is generated.
The quick setup window for setting up advanced approval process in Salesforce CPQ.

Our team assist you in enabling advanced approvals by implementing :

  • Approval chains and rules,
  • Automated approvals,
  • Conditional approvals,
  • Reassignment and Delegations,
  • Tracking and reporting.

Proposal Document Generation

Enable your sales team to create comprehensive, professional, customizable quotes and prices for your customer with our Salesforce CPQ services. We help you to streamline the process of generating detailed documents that include all necessary product information, pricing, terms, and conditions, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

The opportunity window in the Salesforce CPQ instance to export a proposal document.

Our team equips your team for proposal document preparation by implementing :

  • Custom templates,
  • Rich text editor,
  • eSignature integration,
  • User-friendly UI,
  • Multi-language support,
  • Version control.

Contract Renewals

Streamline the renewing process for customer contracts to ensure the continuity of service and revenue. Our team helps your sales teams manage renewals efficiently, offering tools to track, automate, and optimize the renewal process.
The contract window in Salesforce CPQ instance to renew the existing contract or create a new one.

We assist you in enhancing your contract renewal process by utilizing :

  • Automated renewal remainders,
  • Renewal quotes management and forecasting,
  • Amendments and upgrades,
  • Customer self-services,
  • Contract analysis.

Guided Selling

With guided selling, we assist your sales team swiftly in creating a quote by prompting them with a set of questions to ensure your team selects the right products for customers. This aims to aid your sales representatives with smart recommendations based on the response to quickly navigate the product catalog.
A Salesforce CPQ feature, "guided selling" for quick quote generation, which is useful for sales representatives.

We help you to achieve guided selling by carrying out :

  • Questionnaires,
  • Dynamic product recommendations,
  • Customizations,
  • User-friendly UI,
  • Automated guide rules,
  • Pricing optimization

Our Blueprint for Salesforce CPQ Implementation Services

LMTEQ’s Salesforce experts utilize their industry expertise to expedite the implementation process and effectively address any challenges that arise. Based on the requirements, our team follows best practices from agile and waterfall methodologies to test and go live faster. Our blueprint for Salesforce CPQ implementation services involves:

Define stakeholders

Our team actively participates in meetings with your sales team to know the stakeholders and assist you in defining the roles and responsibilities for the project.

Determine the Goal

Our experts proactively engage with your sales teams to determine project goals, identify key impact areas and pain points, and understand prioritization.

Gather the Requirements

LMTEQ’s Salesforce experts gather and prioritize the implementation requirements to define the specific functions the system needs to achieve the business goals.


Once all the feedback has been integrated into the solution, the solution will be rolled out and closely monitored for any sudden changes.


After the solution is built, our team will test it in a controlled environment and make necessary adjustments based on feedback.


Once the requirements are gathered and prioritized, our team will assist you in building the solution and focusing on documentation based on agile or waterfall methodologies.


After deployment, our team will continuously assess the solution’s functionality to ensure it is working as intended.

From Configuration to Cash

Simplified With LMTEQ’s Salesforce CPQ Managed Services

Our Salesforce CPQ managed services revolve around providing sophisticated CPQ processes to create pricing quotes swiftly. Our services are listed below:

Salesforce CPQ Configuration

Our Salesforce experts bring industry experience in managing complex products, pricing, and quote estimation tailored to unique business requirements. We help automate various manual tasks and ensure all integrations function seamlessly.

Salesforce CPQ Integration

We thoroughly understand your existing Salesforce CPQ platform and seamlessly integrate the best choice of ERP, Salesforce CRM, eCommerce, and third-party integrations such as eSignature, order management, billing, and contract lifecycle management to automate downstream processes.

Salesforce CPQ Customization

Our Salesforce team is well-versed in both out-of-the-box Salesforce offerings and as well as custom offerings to satisfy both simple and complex requirements. We leverage low-code or no-code technologies or AI to develop applications to meet the custom requirements that satisfy the quick-to-market strategy.

Salesforce CPQ Maintenance

Our team provides ongoing maintenance and support required to keep your Salesforce CPQ running smoothly and effectively. We carry out proactive system upgrades, configuration changes, integration maintenance, and security management to ensure your Salesforce CPQ is in optimal health.

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Why Choose LMTEQ for Salesforce
CPQ Services in India?

  • Salesforce official partner.
  • Tailored implementation and managed services.
  • Deep technical expertise.
  • Proactive collaborative approach.
  • Scalable AI solutions.
  • Global client base.
  • Proven track record.
  • 24/7 support services.