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Transform Automotive Experience With Best CRM

Deliver seamless customer experiences with Salesforce for Automotive industry and meet your high brand demands and expectations.
Incorporate the best CRM to automate and boost productivity of your team in real-time accelerating growth and potentiality of your business.

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Why Choose ?

  • We ensure improved customer engagement and higher conversion rate.

  • Our team centralises the database with all queries, clients, and product data in one location.

  • Utilizing an agile methodology, lead management, and continuous follow-ups.

  • We provide Intelligent Reports, Reliable Data Analysis, and Simple Graphical Representation for better understanding.

  • We guarantee 24/7 after Sales support.


Using real-time automation to increase sales:

To improve engagement and boost conversion rates, real-time, data-driven operations help to understand client purchasing behaviour and purchasing history.

Integrating many programmes seamlessly:

CRM controls dealership operations by integrating customer data in real-time with Automotive Salesforce applications on any device, allowing car dealers to generate more revenue and reduce their expenses.

Inventory and dealership management using CRM:

The customer journey for purchasing a vehicle is redefined by the cloud-based Salesforce CRM.Transparent sales approaches and customized services increase consumer engagement and reduce expenses while fostering long-lasting loyalty.

Streamline Customer Experience with Salesforce for Automotive Industry

Minimize the total costs involved with intuitive Salesforce CRM and drive-in unified vehicle, retail, and customer experiences


Analytics powered by AI makes it easier to design specialised and focused campaigns. It allows the company to interact with the customers at each touchpoint.

Customized Purchasing Process:

Customer engagement is made simple and practical. With this strategy, the process from browsing to test-driving to purchasing is much more efficient and satisfying.

Inventory and Dealership Administration:

The operations and processes of a business are all streamlined by an ERP system. The automotive industry may save a significant amount of money and time by implementing this technology in the areas of car sales, servicing, after-sales support, replacement parts ordering, and consumer complaints.

Enhanced Consumer Support:

It allows the executives to interact with the clients at the ideal time and offer drive continuous improvement to their concerns.

Centralization of databases:

All client, product, sales, and inquiry-related data are kept in one database and are accessible as needed. It facilitates the development of a dynamic workflow that increases the efficiency and accessibility of the data.

Companies may use the Automotive Salesforce CRM as their go-to customer acquisition and service platform.

Why is integration needed in Salesforce for Automotive industry?

The automotive industries are keeping up with the high brand expectations in today’s age of brands and communication where everything is just a phone call away by providing a seamless journey for the customer purchasing experience.

Salesforce for Automotive Industry enhances the growth and potential of the company by integrating Salesforce automation and innovation, which also helps the team work more productively and efficiently with real-time data. LMTEQ provides a 360-degree perspective of the potential customer and facilitates customer contact at every touchpoint, creating customized experiences for each customer.

LMTEQ utilizes Salesforce CRM and helps in customer conversion with their lead management and improved workflow thanks to greater customer engagement and loyalty.

Salesforce CRM has changed the game for the automotive industries. Now, it’s your turn.
Transform your business with Top-notch CRM today.

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey?

Contact us to find out how LMTEQ’s Salesforce Implementation Services can revolutionize the marketing and sales approaches of your organization