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Robust Solution of Salesforce for Consumer Goods industry.

LMTEQ assists consumer product companies globally to digitize their operations alongside boosting customer involvement in B2B & B2C transactions.

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How can Salesforce for consumer goods enhance performance?

  • Real-time reporting and data on consumers, products, and orders will enable your sales staff to close more deals.

  • Connect with clients across several media for a holistic view of the consumer experience.

  • By offering your clients pertinent promos, offers, and materials, you may establish a more personal connection with them.

  • Understand what each marketing strategy is doing, so you can instantly improve outcomes.

  • Connect with clients across several media for a holistic view of the consumer experience.

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Amazing customer relations management is guaranteed with 

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

  • Enhanced Visitor Planning:

    Field sales personnel have access to an overview of the recommended and required activities for the day, a prioritised list of shops to visit, and a built-in map tool for smart navigation.

  • Improved store design:

    Each store has a very diverse system for managing its inventory. Businesses will be able to assign templates that are further dependent on a store’s segment categories with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

  • Effective Time Management:

    The Consumer Goods Salesforce Cloud may allow field personnel to spend less time on auditing and more time cultivating connections with clients.

  • Store Visits:

    Consumer Goods Cloud might streamline the tasks, including shop visits, and make the field sales personnel more productive.

  • Boost In-Store Sales:

    For firms, in-store sales have significantly changed the game while also delivering great profitability. Retailers can create the finest plan, offer discounts, effectively carry out marketing events, and further enhance the client experience by using the best shop software solutions.

  • Data collection and Purchase Flexibility:

    Through wireless order collection, a representative can receive orders during a store visit and capture crucial details such as the product, quantities, and pricing.

  • Enhancing flawless customer interaction through quicker sales and innovative support services.

    The retail and advertising sectors work closely together with consumer goods corporations. The consumer goods business will benefit from a digital breakthrough that will boost sales and marketing. Additionally, by hastening the production and delivery procedures, the supply chain downturn will be resolved. By fostering collaborative partnerships that span the whole value chain, Consumer goods salesforce Cloud aids in ensuring that store visits are well optimised. It also helps to increase in-store productivity.

Why is LMTEQ the best choice for Salesforce for consumer goods?

Implement a successful sales plan – With a full, cross-channel view of every customer, you can match the appropriate store with the correct product at the correct moment.Offers end-to-end services – Utilize omnichannel support, self-service resources, online forums, and mobile video chat to assist clients to obtain information quickly and per their schedules.Convert people into recurring customers – With 1-to-1 customer journeys, nurture prospects, engage leads, and focus on upsell opportunities within current accounts.

consumer goods?

LMTEQ is here to offer its skilled Salesforce Consulting Services to assure how well the retail software solutions will help in creating the ideal shop, allowing you to completely utilise the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey?

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