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LMTEQ provides you with more than just communications by utilizing all of Salesforce for education features and more in the bespoke software we design for you.

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Reconsider Automatizing
Higher Education

Salesforce for education uses automation with AI technology to develop a solid strategy and strengthen the edutech industry. In addition to reducing operational complexities, automation facilitates the simple integration of apps across multiple devices. The secret to creative solutions that can assist higher education institutions in meeting student expectations and streamlining back-office operations is automation.

To obtain a comprehensive perspective of students and boost recruiter efficiency, Salesforce for Education Industry eliminates data silos. Education institutions can function more cost-effectively with our Salesforce CRM support, which also opens up new avenues for income flow. CRM examines unstructured student databases and helps higher education institutions save time and money. Customer service in real time increases communication visibility.

Features of the Salesforce Education Cloud:

  • A Comprehensive View Of The Stakeholders:

    All interactions with stakeholders, including potential, current, and former students, funders, and affiliates, are compiled into a single perspective.

  • Effective, individualized, and customized communications:

    By providing great digital interaction with pertinent, compelling, and tailored messaging to stakeholders, the Education Cloud enables institutions.

  • Automating marketing and enrollment:

    The Salesforce for Education Cloud’s marketing automation tool maps key events, such as student experiences, strategic planning, budget tracking, promotional tools, and customised message to be sent.

  • Recruiting Made Simple:

    Institutions may conduct a pertinent and proactive approach to potential students with the help of “Education Cloud for Recruiting and Admissions.” You can now enroll the ideal students, enhance yield, promote recruiter productivity, and improve performance since all the data is in one convenient location.

  • Assists The students:

    With the broad range of Salesforce Education Cloud products, universities of any size may increase student engagement, provide uniform guidance, streamline services, and open doors to new career opportunities.

  • Collaboration Across Departments:

    The Education Cloud connects all the various departments, giving students a simple, frictionless experience that encourages engagement and collaboration without aggravation or silos.

  • Nurtured Connections:

    The Education Cloud enables you to engage your audience more deeply and cultivate a connection with them by impressing and grabbing their attention with your detail-oriented approach.


  • Expect the best results with integrated communications.

    Acquire increased access to resources with Salesforce for Education Cloud and all educational institutions use it to the best of their ability.

  • Enhance Enrolment Process

    By combining automated outreach, marketing, and communication operations on a Salesforce cloud platform, you can increase your enrolment rate and inquiries.

  • Efficient student management

    On a single Salesforce for education industry cloud platform, an accurate record of each student’s profile, attendance, academic achievement, and extracurricular involvement data can be organized and managed efficiently.

  • Enhance Alumni Relations

    To foster better relationships and centralize donations, pledges, mentorship, and volunteer on a single channel, strengthen your alumni network using our Salesforce cloud.

  • Marketing Automation

    To gain a comprehensive overview and boost success, combine your marketing efforts on a single cloud channel, including email campaigns, newsletters, and advertising campaigns.

  • Streamlined Loan Administration

    Gather all loan applications and grant requests in one workspace with the top cloud platform, Salesforce, for education, faster processing, and better evaluation.

  • Seamless Campus Connection

    Keep your students updated by sending them tailored information throughout their academic careers with Salesforce’s EDA (Education Development Architecture).

How LMTEQ leverages Salesforce Education Cloud to change your Institution?

  • Evaluation and Consultation

    To utilize Salesforce Cloud for your college’s digital transformation, our proficient Salesforce team evaluates the demands and requirements of your institution.

  • Development and Design

    We create the best-suited apps for your school using our Salesforce expertise and effortlessly link and integrate your campus data to the cloud.

  • Testing

    To help you generate value for your stakeholders, our trained Salesforce professionals spare no effort in giving you flawless service.

  • Maintenance and Assistance

    With our continual assistance, we assist you in maintaining your cloud connection, and our frequent updates enable you to gain the most advantages possible.

Salesforce Education Cloud

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