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Your CRM Platform Simplified with Our
Salesforce Support Services

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Customizing your CRM platform simplified with our Salesforce support services

At LMTEQ, we recognize that a solid CRM system is the backbone of modern organizations, enabling sales, improving customer connections, and driving development. Our Salesforce Support Services are precisely built to help you through every aspect of your CRM implementation, optimization, customization, and align your CRM strategy with your organizational goals.

Salesforce Support Case Model

Support Team Layout and Duties

  • Support Capacity – Regulate, Test, and Deploy Bugs/Enhancements.
  • Support Administrator – SPOC for the complete support period. Ensures meticulous follow-up of SLA’s.
  • Customer Advocates – Mediates between internal and external teams to work on issues raised whilst providing expert support.

Our Salesforce support and maintenance services Model

Our Salesforce premier support approach encompasses ‘Proactive Maintenance
for Uninterrupted Excellence’.

Implementation Monitoring: Guided Deployment

Our experienced professionals will closely monitor your Salesforce implementation to ensure a smooth experience. We provide ongoing guidance and recommendations, as well as comprehensive application suite deployment services with our Salesforce Implementation Services.

24/7 Salesforce Support Services: Always On Your Side

Get around-the-clock support and maintenance for high-quality Salesforce solutions. Our global experts manage complexities across multiple locations, supported by continuous monitoring and upgrade strategies to improve business performance.

Data Management: Your Data, Our Discretion.

We address your data concerns with the utmost discretion. Our experts precisely manage the data functionalities of your Salesforce system, such as uploads, cleansing, validation, administration, and setups. We’ve got your data worries covered.

System Upgradations: Elevate Your Salesforce Landscape

LMTEQ provides exceptional Salesforce system upgrades. Our experts will customize your system to your business’s requirements and market trends, ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

Bug Fixing and Timely Resolution: Pinnacle Performance

We identify, correct, and fine-tune errors and misconfigurations. Our enhancement plans strengthen your infrastructure, while our experts eliminate code errors, boost performance, and meet your business needs.

We Support

Our Value Adds

  • Strategic Alignment, Tailored Solutions, and Innovation-Driven Strategies

    We synchronize with your organization's milestones and objectives, delivering customized strategies that drive innovation at every stage.

  • Proactive Stability with Regular Health Checks

    Conducting regular health checks to ensure your system's stability through proactive monitoring.

  • Risk Mitigation Expertise

    Our experts perform in-depth application and incident analysis, forecasting, and mitigating potential risks to protect your business operations.

  • Unlock Insights with Analytics Support

    Convert sales data into effective marketing campaigns. Our analytics support fuels data-driven business decisions.

  • Empower Teams with Expert User Support

    Harness the full power of your Salesforce suite through tailored training. We empower your team to extract maximum value from the technology.

  • Bespoke App Development Support

    Elevate outcomes and expand your customer base with customized app development. We craft apps that align with your unique business needs for enhanced success.

Why Choose LMTEQ as the
Salesforce Service Provider

  • Official Salesforce Partner.
  • Cutting-edge Salesforce + AI solutions.
  • Certified Salesforce Experts.
  • Customizable services from implementation to ongoing support.
  • Customer-Centric Approach.
  • Round-the-clock support (time-zone based)
  • Global Presence.