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SAP BASIS Support Packages

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Having a strong SAP BASIS support for your company is crucial.

Why? An SAP system failure could stop your business operations. SAP BASIS handles all the administration and maintenance tasks throughout your SAP landscape.

It manages the users and the flow of data between all the divisions in your organization. So, having an excellent SAP BASIS Support is the foundation for your enterprise.

LMTEQ offers SAP BASIS support packages for organizations around the globe. Our highly experienced consultants have worked on multiple projects fixing errors under different scenarios and operations. Our expertise in SAP BASIS managed services is revealed with the quality of work we deliver, backing your organization at the right time.

SAP products we work with


SAP Fiori

How our SAP BASIS support services back your critical operations

  • We perform health checks on every critical aspect of all the SAP servers in your business landscape on a daily BASIS.
  • OS/DB administration and Database management.
  • Transport management
  • Daily alert monitoring and reporting.
  • Security management for user authorizations.
  • Support package and EHP
  • Output management and printers
  • Enhancement of performance and stability with SAP system tuning.
  • Interfaces monitoring
  • SAP license management
  • CTS+ for Java transport management
  • Client and profile maintenance
  • Fulfill SAP compliance requirements by delivering audits and assessments.
  • SAP Notes
  • Backups and archiving
  • Support package and EHP

Your benefits from our SAP BASIS support packages

  • 24x7x365 SAP BASIS support.
  • Execution of patches and support packages to all SAP systems.
  • Knowledge shared to users to solve their SAP usage issues.
  • Reduced cost.
  • Dedicated and assigned SAP support engineer.
  • Troubleshooting & prompt resolution of BASIS issues.

Every business has different requirements at different points of time. We stand as our customer’s first choice for SAP BASIS managed services since we focus on working with them as a team rather than a third party vendor. Considering multiple business requirements, we offer

How we ensure your SAP servers are safe at all times

When we say support, it means support at all times. Ensuring your SAP data is backed up at challenging times like a natural disaster or a pandemic is crucial. Our SAP BASIS administrators work on having reliable SAP backups, keeping your organization unaffected in such cases.

  • All SAP servers are backed up on a daily basis.
  • We immediately initiate our work on disaster recovery strategies.
  • Assured quality and integrity of backup media
  • Ensured offsite storage

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We understand your business is unique with distinctive requirements. Our SAP BASIS administrators have experience in working with multiple industries following different strategies. This has enabled us to follow SAP BASIS best practices in order to provide personalized SAP BASIS support packages for very particular requirements.