SAP Support During COVID-19

During COVID-19 your organization may experience a pick of unfortunate scenarios; you may be concerned regarding the overall health of your SAP System and/or potential technical challenges due to high volumes and possible system instability.

Therefore, our SAP business continuity support program is here to minimize interruptions in business processes caused by performance issues.

Facing the challenge together

Facing the challenge together

Nevertheless, adapting to the uncertainties in the COVID-19 is challenging for any business. With LMTEQ and SAP partnership, you can become more agile and innovate faster, while bringing your business back on track. We have a full range of support solutions that can help you overcome the business challenges you are facing right now.

  • We help you return to the office with confidence and work remotely with ease and efficiency
  • Leverage our strategies to understand what matters most to customers while also taking steps to restore and reinvent customer relationships
  • Build financial, procurement, and supply chain resilience with access to the right data at the right place.

How does our SAP support program help?

  • Uninterrupted business processes caused by performance issues​.
  • Maintain system availability for current requirements and scenarios.
  • Increase business efficiency, improve transactional throughput and maximize return on investment.
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Triggers we resolve to get your business on track

  • Analyze performance peaks and work on minimizing the transaction usage based on your current COVID-19 situation.
  • Focus on bringing down the system load, and overcoming CPU/Memory bottlenecks.
  • Aim to minimize the number of incidents regarding performance problems.

Gain the LMTEQ advantage

Leverage the services included in our SAP Enterprise Support program to improve the situation. 

Take a look at LMTEQ’s SAP Enterprise Support 

  • Firstly, start with a Continuous Quality Check service if you need assistance in analyzing components of your SAP Systems. Hence, identify deeper dive areas for improvement and potential value adds.
  • With LMTEQ’s Business Process Performance Optimization Check, you can address performance concerns accordingly with a specific core business process. Contact us to enquire if this service is applicable to your situation and current concerns.
  • Consider the Technical Performance Optimization Check if you have spotted concerns around optimization of the throughput on the database. However, talk to our experts today to inquire if this is applicable to your situation.
Gain the LMTEQ advantage_LMTEQ

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