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SAP MDG Retail and Fashion Industry Management

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Accelerating Growth through Data Excellence: SAP MDG Propels Retail and Fashion Success

Accelerating Growth through Data Excellence: SAP MDG Propels Retail and Fashion Success

Fashion is ever-evolving and so are customer needs. Retail and Fashion Industries are looking for effective management and governance of their article master data. An SAP MDG retail and fashion Industry management solution will enable them in several ways.

This simplifies the governance of Retail & Fashion management and increases the productivity of master data management teams while providing a single view of the data from several platforms to ensure the best possible data quality and consistency

Features of SAP MDG RFM

Master data governance solution, SAP MDG RFM is available for the same. LMTEQ assists you in implementing an MDG Retail and SAP Fashion Industry Management (SAP MDG RFM) solution which is customized for your business requirements.

Challenges faced by the Retail and Fashion Industry

Managing article master data is a challenging task for both the Retail and Fashion industries. The frequency of changes combined with an urging need to integrate external data feeds creates the need for an integrated solution to manage the enterprise data lifecycle management.

Benefits of SAP MDG RFM


Companies can now offer new products and services faster


Consistent Omni-channel experience


Reduced IT costs


Better real-time decision-making capabilities for the business


Transparency of audit trails


Eliminates redundant effort to maintain article master data


Allows external suppliers to be a part of the article creation process


Greatly reduces overall system maintenance


Allows for faster and more intuitive maintenance of master data


Data completely validated at the time of entry to ensure data accuracy


Enhanced user interface with quick navigation facilities


Clear and accurate reporting and analysis, helping to build trust in the business

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