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Empowering Decision-making: SAP Qualtrics Integration with Business Intelligence Tools

Customer experience drives brand perception. It is the key to brand sustenance. This is why it is important for you to know your customers’ psyche. You as a business need to understand their emotions, intentions and beliefs. To deliver what they’re looking for, you need data to power you.

Stand out in the experience economy by learning to use SAP Qualtrics experience management (XM) platform that helps you combine experience data (X data) with Operational data (O data). This enables you to truly power your business with customer knowledge and bring in business value in ways you did not imagine.

LMTEQ helps you seamlessly integrate your operational data with your HCM, CRM and ERP systems for in-depth analysis of your customers’ and employees’ experience. Capture effective feedback from key stakeholders to understand what’s working for you and what isn’t.

How well do you know your customers?

What are their
pain points andwhat
do they love
about you?
How do they feel
when they work
with your company?
Do they WANT or
your service?
Do they like
your product
or service?

What LMTEQ has to offer


Pre-built survey queries for different LOBs, reducing your survey development efforts.


Flawless distribution of your survey queries in all social media platforms.


Automated response to business users on every customer emotion to reduce user’s efforts to manually check on responses or to raise issues


Actionable insights from customer survey response


Affordable implementation package.


360 degree view of your business data.

The Experience edge you gain


Deliver highly personalized experiences to customers and employees.


Make decisions based on human feedback


Improved workforce experience at moments that matter


Set up custom dashboards for every employee with relevant customer insights, responsibilities and deadlines to bridge the experience gap.


Drive real time experiences across different departments in your organization. Capture the insights into a single platform, thereby reducing silos and increasing collaboration.

SAP Qualtrics enables you to perform

We ensure that your customers are at the core of your decision making. With years of being a part of the Qualtrics partner network, we help enable you to harness the fullest potential of SAP Qualtrics and the benefits it offers.

Ultimate Listening Ultimate Listening

Predictive AI & Smart Analysis

Automated Actions Ultimate Listening

Make decisions for your business by empathizing with your customers.

We offer SAP Qualtrics integration with experience management (XM) and C/4HANA technology to understand your business process, analyse broken links and prioritize the actions to be taken. Now Unlock deeper customer understanding with LMTEQ’s SAP Qualtrics and take your business to the next level.

Why Choose LMTEQ as a
SAP Service Provider?

  • Authorized by SAP for excellence.
  • End-to-end SAP services.
  • SAP-certified professionals.
  • Tailored business solutions.
  • Expertise in SAP S/4HANA and HANA upgrades.
  • Worldwide support with local expertise.
  • 24/7 service and quick issue resolution.