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What is SAP in healthcare ?

SAP solutions for Healthcare Industry helps deliver care of high value and personalized experiences meeting the expectations of today’s consumers.

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What are the Benefits?

SAP healthcare industry solutions help healthcare organizations deliver high quality, cost effective and personalized care through:

  • Excellent collaboration and real time data sharing among care providers and patients.
  • Better personalized patient touch points including prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

SAP solutions streamline processes in the healthcare industry by integrating lines of business with healthcare solutions on premise, cloud, and mobile devices.

Provide the finest care to patients using industry innovation solutions tailored to your needs.

Work smart and adeptly

Reduce costs and wastage of resources for innovation and patient care.

Enable data driven decision making

Transform from an experience-​based healthcare model to a model that is care based and backed by real time data.

SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution integrates BI, predictive and augmented analytics, and smart planning capabilities all into one cloud environment.

Empower the workforce

Efficiently structure your workforce and empower them to perform at their best​, delivering quality service to consumers.

SAP Success Factors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite

Derive competent insights on patient experience without much of a time and deploy feedback collection systems at all touch points. This helps in better understanding of consumer behavior and taking necessary action to improve patient care.


An intelligent ERP system with embedded AI and ML, provides a demonstrated framework in adopting best practices in SAP healthcare industry solutions with automated and integrated processes that shows transparency, across different departments of the organization.

Leverage the full potential of IT to empower your healthcare business

Our vision is to help healthcare providers become highly efficient at saving and improving lives, providing a smooth patient experience, and delivering value-based care with intelligent technologies. SAP solutions for Healthcare Industry makes this possible with ease.

01. Health Engagement to Experience

  • Patient Engagement

    Improve patient engagement and deliver seamless patient experiences across multiple touchpoints to ensure patients are active and involved in their journey.

SAP Marketing Cloud
SAP Qualtrics Digital CX
  • Provider Engagement

    Manage the entire caregiver experience in a holistic way through coordination and governance while continuously gathering customer feedback.

Qualtrics Customer Experience

02. Patient Diagnosis to Recovery

  • Surgeries and Interventions

    Streamline one of the central processes in your business.

Cerner from SAP
SAP Qualtrics Digital CX
  • Care Delivery

    Provide timely and transparent responses to patient needs successfully through an optimized care delivery model.

Qualtrics Customer Experience

03. Healthcare provider admission to cash

  • Drug Safety and Compliance

    Use traceability solutions to ensure drugs are safe and compliant.

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals
  • Patient Administration and Billing

    Provide quick responses to inpatient and outpatient needs using cross-functional process integration.

SAP Patient Management

04.Health data to insights

  • Health Business Intelligence

    Gain real-time insights into both structured and unstructured healthcare information and leverage predictions to make data driven decisions.

SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
  • Health Data Integration

    Maximize the value from your organization’s data with extraordinary functionalities for data integration.

SAP Analytics Cloud

LMTEQs provides softwares for every feature of your health organization

Transform your healthcare business with LMTEQ’s SAP services and support

Grow your business with LMTEQ’s customized SAP Hospital Management System.

  • Streamline and accelerate your digital business transformation

    Gain support for critical business processes and get started on your path to innovation and digital transformation with a holistic approach. LMTEQ offers end-to-end services that reflect our experience and expertise in SAP.

  • Redefine your business with top-notch service support

    Bridge the gap between your digital transformation strategy and performance with discovery, digital strategy, and business transformation solutions from a trusted partner like LMTEQ that understands SAP software and solutions best.

LMTEQ is your trusted partner for digital transformation and innovation. We are certified SAP Partners in India who ensure top-notch quality of services and support.

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey?

Contact us to find out how LMTEQ’s Salesforce Implementation Services can revolutionize the marketing and sales approaches of your organization

    Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey?

    Contact us to find out how LMTEQ’s Salesforce Implementation Services can revolutionize the marketing and sales approaches of your organization