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ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management

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Optimize, Govern, Transform

Elevate with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow APM

LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management simplifies the tracking and monitoring of applications within your organization, making the identification of redundancies and cost reduction a seamless process. Leverage the multitude of benefits offered by LMTEQ’s ServiceNow APM for a comprehensive understanding of your business

Overcome Business Challenges

Eliminate Redundancy

Streamline functions by identifying and eliminating redundant applications.

Optimize Costs

Efficiently manage costs associated with owning and maintaining applications.

Adapt to New Demands

Upgrade applications to meet evolving business requirements and stay competitive.

Harmonize Legacy and Vendor Apps

Resolve conflicts between in-house and vendor applications for seamless integration.

Enhance Performance

Modernize outdated applications for optimal performance aligned with industry standards.

Unlock Efficiency with ServiceNow APM – Transform Your Application Portfolio Today!

Key Features of Our ServiceNow APM

  • APM Portal 

    In your business's data, application, and technology portfolios, our APM portal serves as a centralized hub for streamlined access, assessment, and resource allocation. LMTEQ's APM platform enhances application management efficiency and fosters improved stakeholder communication.

  • Application Portfolio

    Unlock strategic decisions with LMTEQ's expertise in ServiceNow APM tools. Our specialists guide you in evaluating, investing, maintaining, or replacing business applications for optimized IT investments and increased organizational productivity.

  • Capability Mapping

    LMTEQ harnesses ServiceNow APM's powerful capability mapping to deliver precise insights into your application portfolio. Our experts utilize this feature to map and analyze capabilities, providing strategic recommendations for optimizing IT investments and achieving superior business outcomes. 

  • Technology Portfolio Management

    LMTEQ leverage ServiceNow APM to proactively manage and monitor the lifecycle of underlying technologies within your business applications. By utilizing the timeline view, we meticulously track version details, enabling the creation of targeted demands or projects for timely upgrades or retirements. This approach ensures optimal performance and alignment with evolving technology standards.

More From LMTEQ

  • Information Portfolio  – Through categorization and mapping, our team enhance the understanding of information assets, their business application use, and interconnected data layers. This strategic use of the Information Portfolio facilitates efficient retrieval and tracking of information flow, optimizing data management within your organization.

  • Risk Management  – LMTEQ integrates ServiceNow APM with GRC, simplifying risk management for application owners. By identifying and adding controls within APM, we proactively mitigate risks associated with business applications, ensuring comprehensive protection.

  • Application Assessement   – LMTEQ optimizes decision-making with ServiceNow APM's Application Assessment by establishing indicators for usability, cost, quality, performance, and risk. Through qualitative evaluation and scoring, we translate abstract application information into tangible metrics, empowering strategic decisions on replacement or upgrades based on survey and assessment insights.

Transform Your Application Landscape with ServiceNow APM! 

Gain insights, optimize efficiency, and make informed decisions. Schedule a consultation today!