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Trust Your IT with LMTEQ

Where Our ServiceNow CMDB Expertise Guarantees Reliability

Boost visibility across your IT landscape for data-driven strategic business executions through our CMDB management services.

We recognize that every organization has unique needs and uses for its databases. That’s why our experts work closely with your IT team to gather detailed information on your technical and non-technical entities, including applications, asset tagging, hardware changes, user counts, locations, software versions, hardware updates, and more for high availability of assets, space, and recording asset lifecycle events to ensure industry-standard  ServiceNow CSDM (Common Service Data Model) practices in your organization

Gain CMDB 360 Through ITOM Visibility

ServiceNow Discovery

Utilizing the ServiceNow Discovery automated process, you can seamlessly scan and identify all components within your IT environment, ensuring the maintenance of an accurate CMDB 360 view.

ITOM Service Mapping

Build a robust application service map, integrating all devices and configuration profiles, empowering proactive resolution of operational issues based on business impact.

ITOM Service Graph Connectors

Mitigate operational risk by utilizing service graph connectors for importing third-party data into the CMDB, employing predefined rules to uphold data integrity.

CMDB Managed Services, we offer




and Reporting

Monitoring and upkeep of discovery processes

Monitoring and upkeep of integration processes

Monitoring the CMDB health status

Assignment of CI ownership

Integration of usage and processes

Governance and management throughout the lifecycle

Handling enhancement requests

Management of relationship type

Modifying classes, fields, and attributes

Our Approach

Streamline Service By Incorporating Service Mapping Lifecycle Flow

Utilizing a top-down mapping approach, we assist in mapping dependencies between applications and services. Additionally, with the Service Mapping Lifecycle flow, we streamline the setup-to-deployment process, enhancing visibility, ensuring high availability, and automating discovery.

Make the Repository As Simple As Possible

Our approach assists you in streamlining CMDB data management by seamlessly integrating network infrastructure, applications, and services using ServiceNow ITOM Discovery. We also aid you in configuring identification rules for each CI class, ensuring no duplicates of CI and enabling track of up-to-date information.

Handle Changes with Ease

Our team aids you in ensuring precise configuration control to mitigate risks of unnecessary adjustments to CIs, allowing authorized users based on ACLs to make validated modifications based on agreed criteria, and enhancing change management efficacy.

Integrate With Other Key Business Processes

We assist in aligning with governance boards by integrating your CMDB with incident and asset management systems tailored to your needs, fostering relationships, and effectively identifying and resolving process compliance issues.

Make You Communicate Clearly With Stakeholders

We help create interactive dashboards for tracking key changes and updating stakeholders, by leveraging OOB or customized metrics to share CMDB health and facilitate swift resolution of queries and inconsistencies.

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Our Technical Capabilities

Manage the Lifecycle of Your IT

Breaking down silos we help you to maintain a single system of action that spans various IT management functions for better IT resource utilization. 

Proactively Prevent IT issues

 We aid you in pinpointing the underlying cause of an issue by facilitating the triage of relevant logs and analysis of raw data, thus averting IT disruptions before they impact your users.

Incorporate Data From External Sources

 We aid you in ingesting data from external sources into your CMDB and ensure data integrity and consistency to create a comprehensive view of enterprise data between solutions. 


We assist you in managing accurate infrastructure configuration and its impact on business services. 

Service Catalog Integration

We help you to integrate your CMDB with the service catalog to facilitate self-service provisioning and request fulfillment to accelerate service delivery. 

Integration With Third-Party Tools

By leveraging APIs or custom scripts, we help you to integrate your CMDB with third-party tools and systems for better interoperability and scalability. 

Customer Success Story

Our client, a prominent US-based financial services company, faced significant challenges in their data centers due to configuration drift, inefficient asset lifecycle management, poor resource utilization and data duplication. These issues resulted in increased operational costs, reduced system reliability, and lack of visibility into their IT assets. Implementing a CMDB-managed services solution, our ServiceNow experts deployed automated discovery tools for accurate asset inventory, continuous monitoring for configuration consistency, and comprehensive asset lifecycle tracking from procurement to disposal. Our team employed the CI Identification and Reconciliation approach to eradicate data duplication. This led to a 30% decrease in unplanned downtime, a 20% reduction in asset over-provisioning, and a 25% reduction in operational costs through optimized resource allocation. 

Why Choose LMTEQ as a
ServiceNow Service Provider?

  • Certified ServiceNow Professionals.
  • Expertise in Implementation and Integration.
  • Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs.
  • Time-Zone Aligned Support.
  • Top-Notch Ongoing Support and Optimization Services.