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Harness Data Center Potential

Simplify Data Center Management with

LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Data Center Solution

With a focus on optimization and reliability, LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Data Center Solution/DCSM solution transforms the data center management landscape. Built upon the ServiceNow platform, our ServiceNow DCSM solution empowers data centers to efficiently track assets and services while ensuring seamless operations and boosting business value. From comprehensive CMDB as a single source of truth for ITSM to intuitive dashboards and robust automation capabilities, our solution offers the data center solution needed to drive success in today’s dynamic data center environments.

Our Data Center Solutions

Embracing a holistic approach, our ServiceNow Data Center Solution is capable of tracking and monitoring data center assets, and service management, empowering data centers to meet their business objectives seamlessly

Ready to manage all data center components seamlessly with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow Data Center Solution

Our ServiceNow Data Center Solutions Offering

Configuring Management Database

At the core of our ServiceNow Data Center Solution is a powerful CMDB, empowering you to strategize detailed resource planning, improve infrastructure visibility, closely monitor asset aging, generate informative dashboards and reports, and more. This facilitates efficient asset management within the data center, enabling well-informed decision-making.


ServiceNow Data Center solution, you have the capability to access in-depth insights into the overall performance of your data center in the form of customized dashboards. Additionally, you can delve into individual data center operations with role-based dashboards, allowing for heightened visibility and detecting discrepancies. This empowers you to optimize data center performance effectively.

Access Control

Through seamless integration with the access control system, our ServiceNow Data Center Solution offers robust measures for monitoring data center assets, thereby enhancing overall security. Furthermore, our DCSM solution provides role-based access control and customizable plugins, ensuring granular security tailored to specific roles and needs.

Customer Portal

Designed for intuitive navigation, our ServiceNow Data Center Solution features a user-friendly customer portal with convenient single sign-on functionality. This enables customers to access a wide range of features seamlessly within a unified interface, including personalized dashboards, efficient ticket management, trend analysis, subscription details, and more.


Our ServiceNow DCSM solution empowers you to automate critical data center operations, spanning event management, product/order delivery, self-support services, workflow, billing, and various sequential technical processes. This automation significantly reduces manual intervention, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Why ServiceNow for Your Data Center Operations?

Benefits of Our ServiceNow DCSM Solution

Unified platform

Our ServiceNow Data Center Service Management (DCSM) solution delivers a unified platform accessible through seamless single sign-on (SSO) functionality. This refined approach simplifies user authentication, optimizes the management of data center operations with ease, and improves overall efficiency.

Enhanced Visibility

 Integrating with the existing building management tool (BMS) and other monitoring tools, our ServiceNow DCSM solution will help you gain in-depth visibility into the data center operations by providing customized dashboards and reports, while also maintaining data integrity. 

Proactive Maintenance

Aiding in reducing downtime of data center operations, our solution enables you to design maintenance schedules and assign tasks to appropriate personnel or teams. 

Optimized Resource Utilization

Optimized Resource Utilization

Our solution allows you to analyze historical data, usage patterns, and performance metrics to forecast future demand, identify optimization opportunities, and ensure that resources are allocated efficiently to meet business needs.

Streaming Workflow

Improved Scalability

Our solution incorporates a scalable architecture designed to seamlessly accommodate the increasing demands and evolving requirements of the data center ecosystem, ensuring optimal performance is retained as the infrastructure scales in size and complexity.

Streamlined Workflow (1)

Streamlined Workflow

Our solution empowers you to automate sequential workflows by integrating with the various systems, processes and thus reducing manual intervention while streamlining the overall management process.

3600 Data Center Management with LMTEQ’s ServiceNow DCSM Solution

Our ServiceNow Data Center Solution aims to offer extensive data center management capabilities through a drilled-down tracking and monitoring environment, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions to achieve your enterprise worth. Furthermore, our solution boasts high levels of customization, allowing our development team to deliver tailored solutions that precisely align with your data center’s unique requirements.

Why Choose LMTEQ as a
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