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Beyond Integration – LMTEQ's Seamless Synergization of ServiceNow ITSM and DCIM

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Concerned about the visibility and management of your

data center components?

Customize and assemble your comprehensive suite of ServiceNow DCIM solution that perfectly fit your requirements, volume, and structure with us.

At LMTEQ, we go beyond implementation and integration to partner with you to revoluntionize the very core of your Data Center Infrasturcute Management. Our experts collaborate with your team, utilizing industry-specific methodologies, tools, and technologies to give you a cluster of ServiceNow DCIM implementation encompassing Rack Density Optimization, PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), Cooling Efficiency, Asset Lifecycle Management, Comprehensive DCIM Reporting, and more.

Refine your data center operations with our ServiceNow DCIM services, offering you with data insights, automating procedures, optimizing resources, and reduced operating costs. Moreover, improve planning, ensure compliance, and encourage cooperation, and enhance scalability for effective administration by harnessing the maximum potential of ServiceNow ITSM and CSM capabilities.

Our Focus Area

We deliver comprehensive offerings that are suited to the changing demands of the digital age.

We prioritize categorizing assets in IT and non-IT zones by creating a concise overview of resources leveraging BMS providing near real-time insights into total space and rack availability, streamlining space allocation, and projecting future needs through meticulous analysis of available, occupied, and billed space. We also assist you in efficiently tracking vendor management activities, such as AMC with ServiceNow WSD.

Asset/Real Estate Management

Our team aids you in managing the entire lifecycle of data center assets, covering space, power, rack, security, and environmental components. Our integration assists you in capturing detailed information on each asset, including its location, connectivity, and ownership, while efficiently budgeting and forecasting resource requirements.

Capacity Management

Our capabilities extend to monitoring Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS) Power Distribution Units (PDU), and optimizing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), providing near real-time data on total, used, billed power, and its usage metrics. We also monitor traditional and green energy through integration ensuring redundancy and reliability by alerting to potential failures or abnormalities in the power distribution system.

Power Monitoring

We enhance HVAC efficiency with near real-time temperature monitoring, and humidity, proactively identifying and managing hot spots. We assist you in preventing equipment failures through data-driven analytics and extend critical infrastructure lifespan via strategic HVAC optimization.

Environmental Monitoring

Leveraging Smart Transition Switches (STS) for seamless transitions via ITSM tools integration. Our integration of network monitoring tools ensures the performance and health tracking of network equipment such as switches, patch panels, power ports, and other devices to identify network anomalies and threats to minimize security and connectivity breaches.

Network Monitoring

Efficiently managing changes, LMTEQ employs a dedicated Change Management module for real-time evaluation of data center updates. Minimize disruptions and ensure stability using ServiceNow CAB approval workflows for streamlined decision-making, fostering transparent communication and accountability.

Change Management

With a focus on high availability, our team identifies and mitigates disruptive risks, addressing data center threats like physical vulnerabilities, and security risks, by leveraging value-added services such as biometrics, CCTV, and cages. We document timestamped audit logs, journals, user actions, and historical data for future analysis as well.

Security and Risk Management

Our centralized dashboard provides a holistic view of space, power, environment, and networking metrics. Customized to track essential KPIs and visualize Quote to Cash and Order-Delivery workflows, such as space and power availability versus used vs billed. We manage customer incidents, service requests, change, and problem resolutions by leveraging ITSM.


Ready to craft a DCIM solution that aligns with your needs?

Our Midas Touch

  • Unified Platform

    We seamlessly integrate ITSM, ITOM, and Facilities Management into a unified operational environment, leveraging an API-driven architecture for tailored integrations and guaranteeing interoperability with current solutions.

  • Automation and Orchestration

    Leveraging ServiceNow Orchestration, we efficiently automate intricate workflows and integrate with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for precise automation decisions.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    We implement case/incident management to facilitate real-time monitoring and integrate with AIOps capabilities for intelligent event correlation and predictive analysis.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    We harness the power of Performance Analytics for in-depth insights into data center performance, creating customizable reports through ServiceNow Reporting and Dashboard capabilities.

  • Integration Specialist

    Our ServiceNow DCIM Integration expertise lies in integrating softwares, databases, APIs, and other ERP & CRM systems with your DCIM model, colliding data from different platforms into one ecosystem.

  • Custom App

    We can develop a custom application that allows you to receive and respond to insights or vital updates on the move via your mobile device.

  • Notifications

    We can broadcast notifications/alerts for outages, maintenance, or any specific requirement, ensuring you stay ahead in proactive infrastructure management.

LMTEQ does more than just offer solutions; we design the future of your data center operations. We allow you to manage and optimize every aspect of your data center by harnessing the wide capabilities of ServiceNow DCIM.

Embrace a new era of efficiency and strategic advantage with LMTEQ – where innovation meets reliability, and your data center evolution becomes our shared success story.

Rely on our team of experts with profound knowledge in FSO services to support you at every step of your objectives.